Email & SMS: Not Good Enough for IT Monitoring

networkmonitoringAre you an IT Administrator staring at your phone’s screen all day waiting for an email or text?  Have you ever missed a CRITICAL email or text because it didn’t grab your attention?

Using email and SMS for network alerts has been a widely used practice since the early 90’s, but is not an effective and efficient way of receiving these kinds of CRITICAL alerts.  Alert notifications are a crucial part of your system monitoring. Missing even one single email or text can result in downtime which can also result in revenue loss, reputation damage, and potential customer defections.

System monitoring without a noticeable alert is like getting a Pizza delivered to your building but not knowing when, so unless you sit there by the lobby waiting for that Pizza, by the time you find the Pizza it’s stale and cold.

OnPage helps to eliminate this process so that you can receive your system alerts immediately. OnPage has a persistent and audible alert that will grab your attention within seconds. With the ability to push the message to your phone for up to 8 hours, you can ensure that you will never miss a CRITICAL alert ever again.  OnPage alerts go to a dedicated inbox so you can easily keep track of them without getting mixed with your personal or other emails and SMS’s.

OnPage can be seamlessly integrated to all the leading monitoring platforms, such as Zenoss, Nagios, Splunk, Munin, Monit and others as the alerting tool. Simply download the OnPage pager app to your smartphone, register to the service and start using it immediately. Once you got your OnPage ID, follow the instruction given below and instead of putting your email address enter: [your OnPage ID]  That’s it! Simple as can be!! Use email API or even REST API to achieve seamless integration between your tech stack and OnPage.

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