Cisco Tropo integration – A dedicated line to OnPage

Cisco Tropo integration

Use a Cisco Tropo integration with OnPage to create a dedicated phone

What is an OnPage-Cisco Tropo dedicated line?

OnPage’s built-in critical messaging is great at providing customers with the mechanisms to communicate with their team members and colleagues through rich notifications. However we at OnPage thought we could improve on to the user experience by integrating Cisco Tropo’s dedicated lines with our platform. With this Cisco Tropo integration, we at OnPage wanted to make it easy for customers to extend access to their OnPage account by enabling users to reach individual OnPage accounts via phone.

There are lots of additional advantages to a dedicated line but what we see as the main selling point is the ability to connect the OnPage app to the phone network. Now anyone can reach an OnPage account through a simple phone call.

A dedicated line means you have a dedicated phone number through which those without an OnPage account can easily leave you an audio message. The audio message then gets sent through the same critical messaging technology to your OnPage account. Messages can be forwarded to other OnPage group members, stored or replayed.

Advantages of dedicated line

A Tropo dedicated line provides many additional advantages as well. We have provided a Tropo dedicated line integrated with our app to a pilot group of customers over the past. And over the past year, these customers have seen a number of quantifiable advantages:

  • Branding: customers can create marketing around a dedicated line and use it in advertisements.
  • Quality control: messages sent to medical OnPage account holders do not need to go through an intermediary. Mistakes from mis-transcribing or forgetting a message are eliminated.
  • Responsiveness: OnPage account holders are able to respond to situations as soon as they receive an alert. Account holders can highlight their availability
  • Bilingual communications: Account holders can create multi-language instructions for clients through a Tropo script to better meet the needs of clientele
  • Reach multiple groups. Clients can reach multiple individuals within the business by pressing one number
  • Ease of use. These days, everyone has a smartphone. All your client has to do to reach you in an emergency is dial your Cisco Tropo number and you receive an alert automatically on your OnPage account.

A few examples of our Cisco Tropo integration

So far we have seen numerous use cases among our clients. These range from a doctor’s clinic in Milwaukee to city municipal departments in Massachusetts.

The doctor’s clinic in Milwaukee was a medium-sized healthcare practice with a large number of Spanish-speaking patients. The doctor in charge of the clinic used Tropo to create a bilingual phone tree so that when his Spanish-speaking patients called in, they could hear a Spanish-language recording instructing them to leave a message that would automatically be sent to the doctor on-call via OnPage. In the first few months of the service, over 100 calls per month were placed through the Tropo system.

Public Works departments in various cities in Massachusetts have used Tropo so citizens can report potential endangerments to public welfare. If citizens see anything that is concerning, they can immediately reach city officials by placing a call to the official’s OnPage account via a dedicated number. In this example, city officials are better able to handle citizens’ concerns regarding public safety by providing a dedicated line that enables citizens to contact officials directly on their OnPage account.


After seeing the success and demand for dedicated lines, we are looking to expand the use of the service. We see many businesses creating use cases around the technology.

To learn more about our dedicated line infrastructure or about OnPage, just contact us!