New Integration: Call-in Voice Attachments with Cisco Tropo

Cisco Tropo Integration

One of OnPage’s many strengths has been its inclusion of attachments to it’s critical alerts. This simple but powerful feature allows our customers to get a better understanding of a critical incident through the attachment of images and voice messages. While OnPage’s inbuilt messaging allows communication with one’s team members/colleagues through rich notifications, we wanted to take it a step further and make it easy for our customers to reach the people they need to via a voicemail-like feature.

This new voicemail-like feature created by integrating with Cisco’s Tropo technology let’s you dial in, record and send a voice message to an OnPage user as a critical alert! It is as simple as calling in and leaving someone a voice mail with the added benefit of being able to get the voice mail as a page. Turn voice messages into critical messages with a persistent alert which will not stop for 8 hours; it will alert-until-read.

Some of the benefits of having the Cisco Tropo call-in voice attachment with OnPage:

  • Reach a large audience – Select multiple contacts at a time from address book to send the voice attachment to. This way you can convey the message to a larger audience.
  • Forward voice attachments – Voice attachments can be forwarded to other colleagues without the need for relaying the message again. This saves precious time.
  • Replay messages – Recipients can replay the voice attachments several times to gain clarity on the message received. This ensures clear communication.
  • Storage friendly – We compress the voice attachment while maintaining the quality.
  • Perfect for medical practices – Where patients communicating with their doctors are of the utmost importance. Voice messages can be sent as alerts to the doctor’s mobile device.
  • HIPAA compliant – Voice attachments, like all other features OnPage offers are completely HIPAA Compliant and perfect to use in a healthcare setting.

cisco tropo

Here is an easy step-by-step process describing how to use the Cisco Tropo feature:

  • The recipient of the voice message you wish to send will need a Cisco Tropo line set up with OnPage.
  • Use the Cisco Tropo enabled number associated with the OnPage ID to dial in and leave a voice message as an attachment to the recipient.
  • You will be greeted by an automated voice greeting that gives you directions to leave a message after the tone.
  • After you are done with the message you can press the # symbol and that will complete recording and sending the message.
  • The voice message will immediately be sent to the recipient’s OnPage as an alert with a voice attachment which you can easily play from the application.

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