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Sometimes we get things right the first time. In 1949, Al Gross patented the telephone pager. Here was a pocket-sized device that went everywhere, and could ensure people received urgent messages no matter where they were.

It took 25 years to catch on—and boy, did it ever. The first commercially successful pager, the Motorola Pageboy, was marketed in 1974. The pager (which people took to calling a “beeper”) might well be the first truly mobile communication device to catch on, with over 61 million pagers in use by 1994.

Then along came the cell phone and, later, the smartphone. Today, we have a zillion ways to send urgent messages, but only one way to ensure those messages are received and read. Think about it. We have email, texting, chat rooms, instant messaging, SMS, MMS, Skype, iChat … the list is long.

Yet those messaging systems can’t be relied upon in an emergency or other urgent (or lifesaving) situations. With all of those systems, you have to either dig through a mountain of messages to find the important one, or you have to hope you hear the ringtone that alerts you. And how often do we ignore those when we’re busy, and check them later?

When you think about it, the pager got it right the first time. And now, with today’s official release of the new OnPage, the pager has been reimagined as a powerful smartphone app for iPhone and BlackBerry (and soon, Android).

Just like a traditional pager, with OnPage, you won’t miss an urgent message. But unlike a traditional pager, the new OnPage doesn’t require a separate device, have outrageous monthly fees, or restrict you to a limited service area.

OnPage lets you and your organization consolidate all of your communications—voice, messaging, and paging—in your smartphone, the one device that’s always by your side. Now, no matter where on Earth you might find yourself, your urgent messages will find you.

We issued a press release today, announcing the release of our latest OnPage version “OnPage-App Succeeds When Email and Texting Fail”, the most significant release of OnPage in Onset’s history. It is packed with exciting new features that make OnPage easier and more useful than ever. They’re documented in the press release, so give it a read now.

Then download the new OnPage app for iPhone by Click for iPhone or Blackberry by Click for BlackBerry . And tip your hat to Al Gross, who got it right the first time, and to our OnPage development team and customers, who have brought the pager into the smartphone era.

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