Takeaways From ServiceNow’s Knowledge 2019

ServiceNow Knowledge 2019 We had a great time in Las Vegas, attending ServiceNow’s Knowledge 2019 conference. We enjoyed everything the city has to offer, while also exploring the latest on IT workflow transformations.

Though there are several valuable experiences to report on, I’ll cover just a few takeaways from Knowledge ‘19 and how it resonated with the OnPage team.

The Future of IT Workflows

Dave Wright, chief innovation officer of ServiceNow, spoke to the Knowledge attendees about the future of IT workflows, highlighting four things that’ll change over the next five years for IT teams.

These changes include, (1) workflows going beyond DevOps, (2) intelligence going beyond insight, (3) moving away from a “ticket spin cycle” and (4) creating an experience beyond the consumer.

Here are some details about each change:

1 – Workflows Going Beyond DevOps: IT pros will work in more dynamic ways, breaking through rigid controls and silos. This will be critical to quicker adoption of increasingly rapid change.

2 – Intelligence Beyond Insight: AI (i.e., artificial intelligence) will move beyond insight and supervised training, meaning that unsupervised machine learning is on its way.

3 – Moving Away from a Ticket Spin Cycle: With advanced AI and ServiceNow integrations, IT pros will have an even better user experience. They will no longer have to do the same, tired process over and over again, as the future promises better trained AI and agility (see items one and two above).

4 – Experience Beyond the Consumer: IT pros will benefit from a more connected user experience as mobile apps and ServiceNow experiences will share the same back-end.

Transforming IT Ops and Averting Challenges

We were also pleased to learn how businesses can transform their IT operations while averting some challenges. For example, tech teams struggle to foster business agility because of (1) manual processes and change management, (2) poor collaboration and visibility and (3) misalignment between business and work.

These challenges cause friction as they require tech teams to continuously submit approval forms within a non-communicative environment.

But at the same time, organizations shouldn’t just hire “dev cowboys” to speed up the development process. Dev cowboys are brought in to quickly develop a service and get it out to customers. But, these same services tend to break and cause issues for users. According to Dave, dev cowboys don’t provide speed; they create more challenges.

The Knowledge Experience

Knowledge 2019 was a fun-filled experience, jam-packed with 22,000 attendees and insightful sessions. We were able to network with ServiceNow implementers, app coders and writers, discussing how our incident alert management platform streamlines IT team collaboration and workflows.

We also enjoyed meeting our friends at GlideFast Consulting, a ServiceNow Gold Services Partner and exhibitor at Knowledge 2019. Collectively, we spoke to industry pros about our trusted critical alert solution and ServiceNow integration.

We look forward to attending Knowledge 2020.

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