OnPage secure messaging

OnPage gives you secure messaging

OnPage is known for its alerting capabilities. A majority of our customers who are MSPs (managed service providers) for example, use OnPage to shoot out distinct alerts. They do this by setting up monitoring tools at their client’s end and this picks up abnormalities. OnPage, in this case, offers alert automation, but that’s not all we are known for. OnPage has secure messaging built into our application which allows ease of communication between teams and individuals. In this blog we will walk you through OnPage IDs, how to sync contacts and sending a message.

OnPage IDs

OnPage messaging works with OnPage IDs that are usually in this format <OnPageID>@onpage.com (if your OnPage ID is “test1” for example then your complete OnPage ID will be [email protected]). As long as you know the ID of the user you can send them a message. If you have the OnPage IDs of the people you want to message in your contacts, then you can sync these contacts from your phone to the OnPage App. OnPage essentially pulls all email addresses in the contacts with the suffix “@onpage.com

Onpage incident management and secure messaging on your smartphone

Steps to Sync Contacts

  1. If you are using an iPhone then make sure to do this: Go to Settings>Privacy>Contacts and enable OnPage
  2. Go to settings on the OnPage app
  3. Scroll down and click “Sync Contacts”
  4. you are DONE!


OnPage ID


Contacts are segregated into individual contacts and grouped contacts


Syncing contacts in OnPage app

You can even search for the contacts you are looking for

Sending a message

OnPage contact groups

Sending a secure message with OnPage is as easy as 1..2..3..

  1. Use the “+” sign to add the contact. Note that the contact is highlighted in blue. This tells you that it’s a valid contact and the Send button will be enabled
  2. Enter subject and message
  3. When you click Send you will be able to set the priority of the message; either “Low” or “High”


OnPage enables secure communication from smartphones, tablets and desktops. All messages, settings, photos, and notifications sync real-time across every desktop and device. OnPage messaging technology, combined with your Apple or Android smartphone, guarantees nearly instantaneous, secure team communications. These messages can include images and voice attachments to enrich the message being sent so the end recipient can make informed decisions. Once the message is created the user can select the priority of the message; either “Low” or “High”. OnPage secure messaging works wherever you have cellular or wireless (Wi-Fi) coverage.

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