What is Patient Text Messaging?

Patient text messaging is a convenient and effective way to stay connected with your patients. Use it to remind patients about their appointments, facilitate patient follow-up, or answer caregiver questions. With patient text messaging, healthcare providers can engage patients in a convenient and direct manner.

What are the benefits of Patient Text Messaging?

Patient text messaging is adopted by healthcare facilities to realize the following benefits:

Critical communication: Provide patients with an instant communication channel to request a consult or follow-up after discharge.

Cost and time savings: By leveraging text messaging for routine queries, healthcare providers can reduce manual processes, paperwork, and phone call volumes.

Increased patient satisfaction: The convenience and personalized nature of patient text messaging contribute to improved patient satisfaction. Patients feel more connected to their healthcare providers, have greater access to information, and experience streamlined communication, leading to an overall positive healthcare experience.

Enhanced communication: Allows for direct and real-time communication between healthcare providers and patients, ensuring important information reaches them promptly. This leads to improved coordination, efficiency, and responsiveness in healthcare interactions.

Improved patient engagement: Enable healthcare providers to actively engage patients in their own care.

How it Works?


Patients can page via texting

Enable patients to securely leave text messages for their care providers using a dedicated phone number, ensuring privacy and confidentiality without revealing the care provider’s personal contact information.

Configure dedicated phone numbers such that patients can communicate via role-based text messaging, ensuring that their text messages reach the appropriate on-call care provider. This eliminates the need for patients to possess detailed knowledge of the specific team member.

patient text messaging

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Text message to patients at scale

Leverage OnPage’s mass notification text messaging software to effortlessly deliver critical alerts and notifications to patients on a large scale.

This powerful solution ensures that important information reaches patients promptly and effectively, enabling timely responses and proactive healthcare management.

Stay connected and provide vital updates to your patients with ease.

patient text messaging

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