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Pagers Rapidly Becoming Extinct


According to a new study, 70% of Healthcare IT decision makers believe that “As smartphones become more prevalent, pagers will go the way of the dinosaur.”

It comes as no surprise that pagers are perceived as an old, outdated technology.  Coined the “dinosaur” of paging, pagers have been around since 1958 when the first public pager was issued. The rise in technology since the 1950s, has allowed for an array of more sophisticated messaging tools.  As these new messaging tools have been made available, the use of pagers has been diminishing ever since.

However with the rise of new technology, there are a growing number of concerns that come with it. Compliance guidelines such as HIPAA have become a main concern for Healthcare organizations. A staggering 95% say they worry over HIPAA compliance due to the new rise and use of smartphones in the workplace.

Due to this growing concern, Healthcare professionals alike have been turning towards OnPage Priority Messaging for their HIPAA compliant paging needs. With complete HIPAA compliance, secure encrypted transmission, hosted private cloud and fully redundant hardware, software and power, OnPage is not only secure but reliable as well.

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