Our Team’s Experience at DattoCon 2019


We’re pleased to come home from DattoCon19 with memorable experiences. It was a well-curated conference, striking a fine balance between emerging MSP trends, informative sessions, networking and of course, entertainment. 

Here are my top takeaways from the event:

Eye-Opening Keynote Sessions 

DattoCon19 treated attendees to informative, one-of-a-kind keynotes and sessions. Datto CEO Tim Weller unveiled a range of over 20 new products and enhancements to help MSPs address critical issues for clients. Clearly, Datto continues to prioritize innovation.

Kevin Mitnick, infamous for getting on the FBI’s most wanted list, showcased his hacking prowess. A definite crowd pleaser! 

We also loved the “Women in Tech” session, exploring ways to overcome day-to-day challenges, build career paths, grow our businesses and encourage more women to join the tech industry.

Making New Friends

As Gold Sponsors, our team had the chance to network with some of the brightest minds in the MSP world, discussing our incident alert management platform and how it solves common MSP challenges. Attendees who stopped by the OnPage booth learned about our integration with Datto Autotask PSA and how our solution converts Autotask service tickets into intelligent alerts to reduce time to response.

OnPage at DattoCon
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Connections were also made at the event’s dHarmony program, where we hosted a dinner party for 20 DattoCon attendees and enjoyed delicious Spanish cuisine and lively conversations. 

Nerds Just Wanna Have Sun

San Diego
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We were in for a surprise when Snoop Dogg made a guest appearance, performing for the DattoCon crowd.

The Datto team hosted a party on the deck of the Midway aircraft carrier – impressive! 

DattoCon19 highlighted emerging industry trends and revenue growth strategies while facilitating networking among MSP pros. We had a great time and a successful event, and can’t wait to return as sponsors to the event next year. Until then, adios, San Diego! 

Interested to learn about our incident management platform? Contact us for more information or reach us directly at [email protected].

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