OnPage Speeds Up Communication for Orthopedic Surgery Center

 Orthopedic Surgery CenterA leading Orthopedic Surgery Center has implemented OnPage Secured Priority Messaging for their staff and MD’S. The surgery center will use the OnPage app as well as web management console to speed up and improve efficiency of their communication system.

Orthopedic Surgery Center is skilled in the treatment of athletic related conditions, workplace injuries and all other problems of the musculoskeletal system.  As a surgery center, the immediacy of their communication is crucial. The surgery center needed a fast, immediate and secure way to send/receive and monitor their messages. With OnPage they were able to receive pages up to 400% FASTER than they had previously with traditional pagers. By using OnPage’s priority messaging app and secure web console, this surgery center was able to improve speed, accuracy and security of their messages.

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