OnPage Recognized in Gartner’s Latest Report on CC&C Systems

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Gartner’s latest “Quick Answer” report discusses how clinical communication and collaboration (CC&C) systems can enhance pandemic-related provider and patient engagement.

Modern healthcare delivery organizations (HDO) invest in CC&C solutions to simplify communication among care teams consisting of physicians, nurses and critical support personnel.

The OnPage team is pleased to be recognized as a vendor in Gartner’s latest CC&C publication. Gartner applauds our solution’s ability to streamline patient and caregiver communications during critical events. Inclusion in the report reinforces OnPage’s position as an industry leader in the CC&C domain.  

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Gartner Defines CC&C Solutions 

CC&C platforms are robust, secure messaging solutions that easily integrate with existing clinical systems to enhance care delivery. Gartner defines CC&C tools as, “Mobile platforms used by care teams … to collaborate on patient care and treatment activity. CC&C solutions are deployed within … ambulatory, post-acute and virtual care venues.”

CC&C systems replace traditional communication channels, such as pagers and voice calls, with HIPAA-compliant messaging platforms that support workflow automation, scheduling systems, health record management platforms and analytics. The objective of CC&C is to provide clinicians with the information they need to deliver exceptional patient care. 

CC&C solutions can integrate with electronic health record (EHR) systems to route alerts to clinicians’ mobile phones. Clinicians receive contextual, real-time push notifications every time critical events are detected by EHR systems. 

At its core, CC&C tools help clinicians to:

  • Enhance patient care collaboration
  • Broadcast messages to many patients
  • Exchange critical test results across teams
  • Optimize patient handoff workflows
  • Introduce automation to clinical workflows
  • Increase accountability at every stage of patient communication

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CC&C Use Cases to Enhance Provider and Patient Engagement

CC&C platform applications can be extended to the following pandemic-related provider and patient engagement activities:

Collaboration on patient care: CC&C platforms simplify messaging to on-call staff during a pandemic. They are used to mobilize pandemic response teams, such as critical care units, infectious disease experts, environmental services and more. Care teams can receive real-time alerts with patient information, such as vitals, X-rays and test results. CC&C solutions accelerate care delivery and facilitate physician-to-nurse communication.

Facilitate communication with patients: CC&C solutions facilitate communication with patients during a pandemic. Mass notification modules can be deployed to send evidence-based, educational material to patients and vaccine registrants. HDOs can also use the systems to launch vaccine rollouts. For instance, timely vaccine rollout notifications can be sent to registrants ahead of their scheduled vaccinations. To supplement post-vaccination care, follow-up programs can be managed via CC&C mass notification modules.

OnPage Receives Mention in Gartner’s CC&C Quick Answer Segment 

Gartner’s report underlines the need for a CC&C platform to mitigate the impact of a pandemic on healthcare. Per Gartner, platforms have all the architectural characteristics—mobile, event-driven, cloud-based and interoperable—required to face a health crisis. 

OnPage is one of the few CC&C vendors mentioned in Gartner’s latest Quick Answer segment. The mention solidifies OnPage’s position as one of the most trusted CC&C vendors in the healthcare industry.  

OnPage’s clinical communication system consists of a robust web console and secure mobile app. The system streamlines care coordination and handoffs through digital on-call schedules and escalation policies. This ensures equitable workload assignments to eliminate physician burnout. With OnPage, physicians can spend less time being overworked and more time delivering quality patient care. 

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