OnPage Mentioned in Gartner’s Clinical Communication and Collaboration Guide 2019

Gartner Gartner Research provides insight into the healthcare industry, recommending robust clinical communication and collaboration (CC&C) solutions or technologies. 

OnPage is mentioned in Gartner’s latest CC&C guide, recognizing the organization for its digital scheduler, audit trails, automated alerts and live call routing capabilities. At its core, Gartner recommends OnPage to organizations looking to streamline clinical workflows and enhance team communications. 

This post provides a snapshot of OnPage’s latest mention, discussing what it means for the team and its trusted clinical communications platform.

Overview of Gartner’s CC&C Guide

Gartner’s CC&C guide discusses the issue of care team “toil.” According to Gartner, toil refers to, “Tasks that are often manual and repetitive.” Gartner provides a viable solution, suggesting that CC&C systems are capable of automating mundane tasks. This way, care teams spend less time on manual processes to achieve a superior patient experience. 

Additionally, the guide suggests that CC&C solutions enhance information sharing. Healthcare providers can use HIPAA-compliant mobile apps to share patient files, while preventing these records from being intercepted by malicious parties. 

Essentially, the guide is an annual, trusted source for CC&C solutions, recommending reliable systems to improve organizational operations. 

Gartner Recognizes OnPage’s Solution

According to Gartner, OnPage’s clinical communications solution provides must-have capabilities for any healthcare facility. These capabilities include:

  • Alarm management
  • Analytics
  • Care team collaboration
  • BYOD and desktop availability 
  • Exceptional 24×7 support 
  • Secure messaging 
  • Workflow integrations
  • Paging emulation 

Gartner applauds OnPage’s solution for its ability to alert healthcare providers at the right time, every time. This results in better on-call responsiveness and care team accountability. 

Additionally, OnPage ensures that critical alerts are never missed through its robust live call routing capabilities. This feature eliminates the intermediary, allowing patients to directly reach their physicians during after hours. The live call routing feature equates to immediate patient care and treatment. 

Live call routing, combined with pre-determined escalation criteria, ensures that assigned providers receive a page. In the unlikely case that a physician misses an alert, the notification will then be transferred to the next healthcare provider in line. 

The OnPage team is pleased to be included in Garter’s latest CC&C guide. This recognition demonstrates OnPage’s continuous effort in providing a robust clinical communication and pager replacement solution. 

Click here to read the full CC&C guide, showcasing OnPage’s clinical communications platform. Have questions? Contact us or reach our friendly sales team at [email protected]

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