OnPage gets an A+ from its University clients

university secure messaging

OnPage provides university secure messaging

What do UVA, Yale, Ohio State, Tufts and Georgia State have in common?  In addition to being some of the finest institutions in the country, these universities are also just a few of the many academic institutions that use OnPage for their university secure messaging and critical alerting needs.

Many of the academic settings where OnPage has a stronghold use the OnPage platform to help monitor IT infrastructures across a dispersed campus with very different IT needs. With the alerting platform at their side, IT engineers on these campuses can ensure that when any component of the university’s IT stack shows an issue, an alert will automatically be sent to the OnPage platform and on to the engineer on-call.

The importance of IT in universities goes beyond just maintaining the computer lab or back office functions. In a university setting, maintenance also means upkeep of the IT used in classrooms, libraries, administrative offices and research labs. IT support needs to be constantly on the ready to manage and rectify issues.

In addition to the IT needs of OnPage’s academic clients, OnPage also addresses the needs of medical residents and medical students at university medical schools. In these instances, residents and medical students at the university use the OnPage platform to ensure the messages they send and receive with patient specific information are all HIPAA-compliant. HIPAA statutes are quite strict about the exchange of patient health information. As such, healthcare settings often rely on OnPage to manage electronic messaging for them.

Additionally, medical students and residents are also attracted by OnPage’s capacity to improve upon and vastly supersede the offerings of traditional pagers. Pagers are a dying breed as the infrastructure which supports the paging signals is being maintained less and less. Additionally, pagers are often blocked by dead spots in hospitals where the paging signal cannot be picked up the resident’s beeper.

By accessing the advantages which OnPage offers, this country’s future doctors are able to make use of OnPage’s secure messaging features such as:

  • Persistent alerting: alerting continues for up to 8 hours until answered
  • Message acknowledgement: senders receive acknowledgement when their message has been received, viewed and replied to
  • Failsafe alerts: ensure alerts are delivered across the communication platforms you use
  • HIPAA-compliant messaging: all messaging is compliant with HIPAA standards and mandates

OnPage offers universities a number of messaging capabilities that keep both IT and healthcare needs attended to. As OnPage continues to grow its list of university clients, OnPage provides a technology which is in a class of its own.