OnPage + ConnectWise: Turning MSPs into superheroes!

A recent TechTarget article on MSPs noted that:

“How efficiently MSPs are able to automate is one of the single biggest indicators of long-term success.”

For MSPs who work with ConnectWise and OnPage, this realization comes as no surprise.

OnPage has worked with ConnectWise for several years at this point. In conjunction, our tool sets have created automated solutions for MSPs that enable them to solve a number of their burning issues. ConnectWise enables the creation and monitoring of tickets from numerous platforms. OnPage, in turn, provides the platform for them to create alerts that feedback into ConnectWise tickets.

The importance of automation

Indeed, automation is key to MSPs being able to do their job effectively. OnPage integration with the ConectWise tool is a key part of automating alerts as well as enabling:

  • Direct alerts from monitoring tools to the engineer on call
  • Effective handling of after-hours alerting by NOC teams
  • Staying on top of alerts all together

Without these abilities, MSPs aren’t nearly as effective.

Becoming a superhero

By using ConnectWise’s robust ticketing system along with OnPage, MSP customers have been able to bring automation to their businesses, improve response times and better manage SLAs. They have also been able to enhance their image as MSP superheroes.

Luckily, becoming an MSP superhero as a feasible task.

Automation within ConnectWise

ConnectWise and their customers need to ensure all critical alerts not only reach the right person at the right time, but are also acted upon in a timely manner

For the month of March OnPage is featured on the ConnectWise Marketplace. You can read some of our case studies and watch a video that OnPage has put together. To celebrate our month on the Marketplace, we want to give all MSPs a chance to try our product and a 15% discount when they decide to purchase! See us on the ConnectWise marketplace

Let us know if you have any questions or if there’s any way we can help.