Benefits of Real-Time Alerting

Real-time or live event alerts provide immediate notifications, ensuring that the right on-call healthcare provider addresses a patient issue promptly.

These notifications are triggered when a predefined event or series of events is recognized. Accordingly, automated alerts are delivered to the tasked recipient(s) on mobile.

Benefits of live event notifications include:

  • Help notify care team members of potential issues
  • Immediate response to achieve maximum patient satisfaction
  • Provide an audit trail for notifications and response

Beyond Alerting: Smart Hospitals

“The hospital is on its way to becoming a smart machine with beds.” – Gartner Research

Per Gartner, healthcare facilities are becoming more intelligent, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics to streamline daily processes. 

These advancements are attributed to the real-time health system (RTHS). According to Gartner, RTHS is a smart machine that obtains information to optimize care team workflows. 

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Where OnPage Comes in

OnPage provides encrypted communications between physicians. Critical alerts or messages remain protected both in transit and at rest. OnPage alerts the right, on-call healthcare provider at the right time, ensuring that patient issues are addressed promptly.

Additionally, OnPage provides on-call rotations and escalations. Web console administrators can task physicians, while creating “turns” if the first person is unavailable. This helps eliminate physician burnout. OnPage also provides distinguishable high-priority alerts. This way, on-call physicians will always know the severity of alerts!

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