Many IT teams are constantly bombarded with requests for help, alerts from different systems and high priority tickets. This causes a condition called alert fatigue, an instinctive reaction to become desensitized to all alerts, even those that are critical. And when IT teams fail to act quickly to resolve critical incidents, productivity drops and businesses lose revenue.

In addition to stress caused by alert fatigue errors, IT engineers can experience burnout when they take on too much of the burden of being on call.

With OnPage, alerts are easily prioritized so that critical alerts stand out and are never missed. With escalation and on-call scheduling features, IT teams can balance on-call and after-hours workloads in a way that’s fair, keeping IT organizations motivated and boosting employee retention rates.

Check out this 1-minute video to see the consequences of IT engineer burnout and how OnPage’s incident alert management solution puts an end to the problem.

OnPage has integrations with PSA (such as ConnectWise Manage, ServiceNow and Autotask), RMM and other systems, so alerts can be consolidated and given the right priority. Stop alert fatigue and burnout today!