OnPage Introduces Intelligent Reporting for Actionable Insights

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Healthcare and IT professionals can now improve work flow through intelligent reporting

OnPage announces the addition of the OnPage Intelligent Reporting Engine. Managers and on-call professionals will now be able to see their teams through the lens of data visualizations and data summaries. With access to this information, users will gain insights into employee workloads, mean time to resolution (MTTR) and team performance. These real-time-metrics can then be manipulated and used to create effective post-incident reports.

“We are always looking for ways to improve our customers’ experience with OnPage, and seeking ways to make our customers’ job easier so they can enjoy the lifestyle of their choice” says Judit Sharon, CEO of OnPage. “We built this latest addition of OnPage per our customers’ specific requirements. We are thankful for our customers’ loyalty and the trust they have placed in the OnPage Incident Alert Management platform for so many years. Thus, we will keep investing in development of capabilities as needed.”

A picture is worth a thousand words

The OnPage Reporting Engine summarizes the success of on-call teams as well as their actions. Real-time data visualization can now be pulled to highlight a team’s effectiveness across multiple shifts, individual departments, geographies and time zones. Team leaders can see trends, track performance and learn about productivity.

With these insights, managers can dig in and ask more pointed questions such as why one person is answering 40% of the alerts or how managers can lighten the load of a particular team. Managers can also see which incidents are taking the longest time to resolve as well as which incidents are easily addressed. The OnPage Reporting Engine will show the trends that can answer these questions.

Turn insights into action

With easy access to data visualizations and summaries, team managers can now more easily analyze trends and improve the effectiveness of their teams. Managers can use the insights from reporting to:

  •     examine alert distribution and evaluate team productivity
  •     better balance out workloads
  •     prioritize work based on alert volume
  •     Improve MTTR
  •     inform post-mortem analyses through downloadable reports
  •     keep stakeholders current

Rather than stumbling upon ways to improve work flow processes, managers can now use the OnPage Reporting Engine to be more analytical and proactive about how they create shifts. manage alerts, manage teams and manage clients.

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