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Pagers Are Insufficient 

Organizations that rely on pagers can’t achieve patient satisfaction. They’re left with a less collaborative, more disruptive hardware that hinders care team communication and prolongs care delivery leading to dissatisfaction, frustration and ultimately, patient churn.

According to a study, 29 percent of healthcare respondents said that pagers were a poor form of communication. Facilities require advanced technology and effective processes to reduce patient churn.

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High Costs for Hospitals

Inefficient communications during critical clinical workflows costs the average U.S. hospital approximately $1.75 million annually.

Consequences of Poor Communication

Poor communication will cost health organizations much more than hefty costs. According to 7,000 facilities, 48 percent of communication failures occurred within ambulatory care, as well as the inpatient setting at 44 percent. Consequently, this tarnishes patient-to-specialist relationships and likely leads to patient churn.

Healthcare Communication Technology to Reduce Patient Churn

Designed for modern care teams, OnPage’s clinical collaboration platform streamlines disjointed communication and improves access to critical information in a secure manner.  The tool facilitates collaboration in multi-disciplinary clinical teams and equips them with contextual information, empowering them to provide the best course of care under their supervision. When care teams are empowered with tools and processes that foster best practices in care delivery, patient outcomes improve.

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Direct Patient-Doctor Communication

Provide fast, 24×7 real-time access to clinicians

Streamline after-hours communication by allowing patients to connect with care teams via one dedicated phone number. Patients can directly reach on-call clinicians on a real-time phone call. Through the live call, patient callers can immediately communicate their medical needs to the appropriate specialist.


Simplified Messaging for Timely Care Delivery

Seamless communication with on-call care teams
Provide effective and timely care by simplifying communication workflows for care teams. Enable staff to communicate with individuals or groups securely. Activate key responders into action without wasting crucial time.

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Contact Management Simplified

Seamlessly manage enterprise contacts
Manage contacts from within the web console to quickly onboard new employees and revoke access when employees leave. Administrators gain access to a centralized directory to manage enterprise contacts and privileges, and to define communication workflows and escalation paths, accelerating care delivery and enhancing patient outcomes.  

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Mobilize Clinicians, Deliver Accelerated Care

Facilitate dispatcher-provider communication
Platform administrators can mobilize clinicians and support patient care delivery via the OnPage two-way messaging dispatcher. The dispatcher console is used to quickly deploy the right teams into action. A team could comprise of an individual provider, a group of providers or a roles

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Modernize On-Call Scheduling

Create fail-safe schedules that drive alert automation
Eliminate the need to have a person check a paper schedule and send alerts manually via phone or pager. Schedule clinicians on OnPage’s natively built-in digital scheduler and route critical notifications to the right on-call care professional. Beat employee burnout, improve patient outcomes.

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Reduce Patient Churn

Patient loyalty and positive word of mouth ensures that an organization continues to generate revenue.

Download the infographic to uncover four ways to improve patient loyalty and increase patient retention in today’s healthcare environment.


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