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Thoughts From The CEO: Efficiency, Accountability & Reliability

This past weekend I attended the Fraunhofer awards ceremony for the prestigious 2013 Joseph von Fraunhofer Prize for Science and Innovation in Hannover, Germany. The Prizes were given to four technology groups from different institutes around the world, working in different fields but with the same theme: developing new technologies that enhance Efficiency.

As a spectator listening to the different group presentations (with a translator), it became very clear to me that indeed Efficiency is the word of the future! Efficiency is the goal! I recalled a conversation I had the prior week with the CIO of a large healthcare plan in Boston to whom I introduced our OnPage solution for Pager replacement on Smartphones. He said that based on their budget for 2014, they may need to cut some people, but still carry the same load.  Essentially be more efficient!

Being efficient is facilitated by the use of new technology that enables us do the same work in less time while being accountable and reliable. This is what OnPage is all about! OnPage is an Enterprise Grade, HIPAA compliant, pager application that runs on the iPhone, Android and Blackberry. It allows the provider to carry one smart device while improving accountability and reliability – No message is lost as all messages are tracked with a time stamp.

Let’s take a look at a representative health care organization with X providers working Y hours each, for a total of X*Y working hours per day. Let’s look at the current messaging process and the waste associated with each task:

  • Each time a message is paged to a provider it requires a call back to the sender to acknowledge message receipt – waste of time (approximately 3min)!  With OnPage, the sender gets the Delivery/Read status automatically upon message receipt and viewing, respectively.
  • Each time a message is paged and is NOT acknowledge by the provider, the sender waits up to 5 min for acknowledgement and then pages again – Waste of time (approximately 5min)!  OnPage’s persistent delivery will keep sending the message for up to 8hours to ensure no message is lost
  • When a message is sent to provider who is not on call due to scheduling change, the sender may wait up to 10 min before escalation – Waste (W) of time (approximately 10min)! With OnPage, you know if the “Pager” is OFF instantaneously.

Of course there are many other cases of inefficiencies using traditional pager, such as limited area coverage, carrying/maintaining the additional device, and many others.  However, let’s take only the three scenarios described above. On average, waste is about 6min per page. If we estimate approximately 10 pages per day to each provider that results in one hour waste per provider per day.

To understand this waste, let’s put numbers to the vectors above:

X = 20 Providers                                                W = Total waste

Y = 8 hours per day                          Wavg = Average waste per paged message (Time)

P = 10 pages per provider per day

Wavg = 6min (from above)

Productive Work Hours = (X * Y) – W

W/Day = Wavg * P * X = 6min * 10 * 20 = 1,200min = 20hrs

Productive Work Hours = (20 *  8) – 20 = 140hrs

In this example a HC facility that should provide 160hrs of care per day in actuality provides only 140 hrs of care due to messaging inefficiencies. Being more efficient, this organization can achieve the same result with fewer providers or grow by close to 15% without adding more providers.

OnPage pager application for Smartphone allows the HC organization to react quickly and reliably to pages, become more efficient, and care for more patients. This directly translates into higher revenue and profit.




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