eCommerce Leader Adopts OnPage

eCommerce leader OnPage The world’s eCommerce leader adopts OnPage to streamline its operations and workflows. This news showcases OnPage’s continuous growth in the business-to-business (B2B) space, providing a reliable and secure critical alerting solution for different use cases.

In this blog post, I’ll be discussing how the eCommerce juggernaut leverages OnPage’s live call routing capabilities to enhance team communications. 

eTailer’s Need for OnPage

The eTailer needed a solution to enhance communications between its freight drivers and warehouse managers. The organization wanted instant communications, detailing the status of drivers and their estimated delivery times. This level of communication is synonymous with enhanced collaboration and transparency.

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Adopting OnPage Dedicated Lines and Live Call Routing 

Freight drivers dial just one dedicated OnPage number to reach warehouse managers. Once reached, the drivers connect on a live call, providing delivery updates to the appropriate manager. 

If the call isn’t answered, then it’s transferred to the next on-call responder (i.e., another warehouse manager or point of communication). If all on-call individuals don’t answer the call, then the driver leaves a callback number/and or voicemail. 

Drivers can use these OnPage capabilities during urgent situations. Examples include, but aren’t limited to, flat tires, poor weather conditions and traffic congestion. This way, drivers and managers always remain on the same page. 

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Benefits of Adopting OnPage

At its core, OnPage enhances connectivity between the organization’s delivery team and warehouse authority. Critical calls are never missed by managers, ensuring that warehouse operations are not greatly impacted by unforeseen delivery situations. 

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