Alerting Tool

What's an Alerting Tool?

An alerting tool centralizes IT alerts into one platform. They integrate with your IT tool stack and provide alert controls to help increase efficiency and reduce false positives.

An effective alerting system automates the distribution and management of alerts from different tool stacks, ensuring that the right person in the process is notified of the incident in real time. In addition to on-call rotation management, these tools allow you to leverage escalation paths, message redundancies and failover reports.

Rising Popularity of Alerting Tools

IT teams are investing in alerting tools for their robust capabilities and functionalities. These tools offer:

  • Real-time data and analytics
  • Urgent communications
  • Guaranteed alert delivery and reception regardless of geographical location

Alerting systems reduce mean time to repair (MTTR), ensuring that on-call personnel triage and resolve incidents faster to achieve customer satisfaction. Also, these tools enhance team accountability, as incident resolution performance is tracked and documented through real-time audit trails.

Alerting Tool

alerting tool

OnPage's IT Alerting Tool

The OnPage alerting tool provides real-time message statuses, alert escalations, on-call schedules, persistent notifications, post-incident reports and more.

IT organizations leverage OnPage to gain visibility into critical issues and receive immediate notice of time-sensitive events at the right time, every time. Teams can swiftly resolve critical incidents with alert orchestration and on-call management.

How OnPage Works

When your IT stack detects an issue, an OnPage high-priority, mobile alert is triggered. OnPage’s “Alert-Until-Read” technology overrides the silent switch and DND on all mobile devices.

OnPage notifies the right responder in real time using alerting policies, routing rules and on-call schedules.

OnPage is more than just an alerting service. Here are some elements of OnPage’s alerting system:

  • High-priority notifications bypass the silent switch on mobile
  • Secure messaging aids team communication
  • Integrations with ticketing and monitoring tools
  • Persistent, distinguishable mobile alerts
  • Digital on-call schedules
  • Alert escalation policies
  • Fail-over options when alert escalations fail
  • High and low-priority alerting
  • Ability to track incoming and outgoing messages
  • Post-incident reports to gain insights into historical data

Alerting Tool

End-to-End Incident Alerting System for Your Team

Respond to Critical Issues Before They Impact Your Clients


The cutting-edge OnPage alerting tool streamlines incident response so clients recover from critical incidents quickly. Support teams can achieve customer service excellence and minimize the financial impact of downtime.

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