33 new ConnectWise integrations to help MSPs

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Security Dominates

At IT Nation last month in Orlando, there were dozens of ConnectWise integrations on display. Indeed, the purpose of the conference was and is to bring together vendors who take part in the ConnectWise integration ecosystem and provide a platform where they can interact with the larger MSP community. There were also numerous attendees who are exploring ConnectWise and looking to embrace various ConnectWise integrations.

Last week, CRN columnist and editor Joseph Kovar pulled together a slide show of the 33 most interesting ConnectWise integrations that were at the IT Nation. These were the technologies at the show that provided MSPs with the most significant technology upgrades. OnPage was listed among them. (insert polite bow here) But as enchanting as our incident management software is, there were also some other very interesting technologies on display in the slideshow.

Security is a huge issue for IT and MSPs alike. The slideshow highlights this fact. There were a total of 11 security offerings in the slide deck. Just last week we wrote about how MSPs can embrace the MSSP strategy as way to increase revenue.  Seems like that recommendation was also running through the train of though in the slideshow.

Security reigns

Our colleagues at Barracuda were listed in the article. Their firewall service delivers security event management to customers who need a 24/7 human layer of protection and threat remediation.

AlienVault was yet another listing in the article. This was AlienVault’s opportunity to show how its ConnectWise integration enables providers to add threat detection and compliance management services to their offerings.

AppRiver was another ConnectWise integration focused on security. Scheduled to be available early next year, the technology eliminates the workload overlap between the company’s security and cybersecurity tools and the ConnectWise interface.

ESET was also there, highlighting the integration with Google. The company Infogressive highlighted their MSSP channel strategy.

OS33 was another star of the show. Its platform addresses concerns about cyberthreats and regulations. OS33’s  product enables MSPs to provide their customers with a cloud suite for security-conscious clients.

PC Matic was on the list,  showing off its recently introduced software offering that uses a whitelist technology as its primary method of malware detection. This approach proactively helps to limit the execution of cyberthreats such as ransomware and fileless malware.

RapidFire Tools upgraded its Detector SDS, an IT assessment system that lets MSPs rollout a range of high-value, automated and branded security tools.

Sophos made the list with its Sophos XG Firewall which is designed to provide network traffic visibility. Sophos’ product uses the company’s technology to obtain information from endpoints to identify, classify and allow the control of applications that don’t have signatures or are using generic HTTP or HTTPS connections.

The humorously named Email Laundry uses a combination of key indicators, machine learning and cyberthreat intelligence to detect and block malware. The company uses machine-learning systems and threat intelligence feeds to recognize patterns and make predictions.

Third Wall V2’s technology enforces cybersecurity policies that help MSPs lock down their environment.

Vipre Endpoint looks to bring its offering to the cloud to be delivered as a service. The Vipre product uses machine learning to help protect users from ransomware, zero-day attacks, phishing and other attacks.

How MSPs can leverage security

These numerous security products are all designed to work as ConnectWise integrations that can help an MSPs grow their stack and help clients. MSPs can’t forget though that in this crowd of security offerings, they cannot forego the need for critical incident management software to ensure they receive the necessary alerts when security events do occur.

IT nation – already planning for 2018

The 2017 Conference was designed by ConnectWise to showcase ConnectWise integrations to the MSP community and allow MSPs to communicate and collaborate. And that was achieved in spades.

We are already looking forward to the opportunity to participate in the 2018 Conference.