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Yahoo Stock Alerts OnPage is Compatible With Yahoo Stock Price Alerts!

Follow the stocks you care about most and get personalized news and alerts. Access real-time stock information and investment updates.

OnPage can integrate with any sensor or application that sends a notification.

The OnPage system is an ideal deployment for IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

When you cannot afford to miss time-sensitive notifications, simply route them via OnPage. The service is NOT free, but if priority messaging is mission critical for your business, it will pay for itself quickly.

YAHOO Stock Price Alerts via OnPage

An OnPage for Android Creative Use Story. Also Works on iPhone & Blackberry.

OnPage / Yahoo Stock Price Alerts

Here’s my step-by-step, ‘How to get Yahoo stock alerts with OnPage’”:

OnPage Yahoo Stock Price Alerts

OnPage works great! I just got a real-time stock price alert with OnPage + Yahoo.”

Once in the Yahoo Stock Portfolio, there is a tab called “Set Alerts” just above the “detailed” button. On that page, alerts can be set. 

On the alerts page, there is a “deliver to” radio button area of possible email addresses. It is necessary to click on “add email address” and add the OnPage email address. The address must be verified by clicking on the verification button. This will, of course, generate a page to the device. Open the page and click on the verification link. Then be sure to save the profile changes. Reload the alerts page and now the OnPage address is an option. Set the triggering parameters as desired.

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With the OnPage system plus Yahoo, there is virtually no latency in the alerts and the crossing of alert thresholds is detected in near real time. Also, the alerts interface is very easy to use and it has other free stock tracking and portfolio management services.

Yahoo Stock Alertsd

Well, that’s all there is to it. This is a very easy way to create robust stock price alerts that will not fail to warn you when a stock portfolio is on the move. Real-time stock alerts with the OnPage/Yahoo system, allows anyone to make those all-important last minute decisions and CASH IN

NOTE: G.S. is one of our most prolific customers when it comes to figuring out new and creative uses for OnPage.


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