What's Smart Home Security?

Smart home security consists of applications and hardware used to monitor residences. Hardware includes video doorbells, indoor security cameras and more.

Security systems leverage sensors to monitor and notify homeowners of physical movements. Mobile alerts allow homeowners to see what is happening around or inside their properties in real time. Users can receive alerts even if they are away from their homes.

Smart home security systems offer homeowners peace of mind, knowing that their properties are safe, secure and protected.

Smart Home Security

Smart Home Security System Limitations

Smart home security systems are designed to monitor and protect your property from strangers and suspicious activity. However, these systems have some drawbacks that hinder effective home security management. See the image below to gain insight into four system limitations.

Smart Home Security

Smart Home Security

Perfect Home Security With OnPage Critical Alerting

It is easy to connect home security solutions with OnPage’s critical alerting system! Get real-time, immediate OnPage app alerts when your security system detects movement.

Unlike security system in-app alerts, OnPage notifications can bypass the silent switch on all mobile devices. OnPage alerts are immediate, loud and persistent, and they ensure that you wake up if an intruder is in your garage or looking in your windows.

Offering speed, reliability and integration potential, OnPage guarantees that you will always be connected to your home.

Benefits of the OnPage Integration

How Does the Integration Work?

Your home security system connects with OnPage via a secure email connector. Users must select their @onpage.com email domains to receive home security notifications. Following the connection between systems, OnPage can notify you of any motion that occurs around or inside your property. Intrusive, loud push notifications are delivered to the OnPage mobile app. Homeowners can also use the OnPage system to enable message redundancies to phone, SMS and/or email.