Our Team’s Experience at the 2019 Healthcare Innovation Summits

Healthcare Innovation Summit
The OnPage team has landed safely back home from this year’s 2019 Healthcare Innovation Summit in Minneapolis, making great friends and shared memories along the way. Not only are we grateful for the Minneapolis experience, but we also enjoyed our time at the Boston event.

The conferences were well organized, highly energetic and informative. We enjoyed listening to great speakers … not to mention OnPage’s very own CEO Judit Sharon.

Here are our top takeaways from both events:

Major Takeaways From Networking and Keynote Sessions

The keynote speakers gave impeccable lectures about improving patient care and reducing physician burnout, while highlighting some discrepancies within the healthcare system that can be improved to increase organizational efficiency.

We enjoyed our CEO Judit Sharon’s session, discussing how healthcare organizations can leverage a clinical communications solution to reduce physician burnout and enhance HIPAA-compliant operations. Additionally, Judit highlighted OnPage’s integration with Amion Physician Scheduling, allowing organizations to transform digital schedules into intelligent alerts.

Moreover, we were inspired by Chris DeRienzo, MD, who stated that data science and analytics are integral parts of improving today’s healthcare industry. The importance of having a connection between humanity and technology is what allows for continuous improvements within healthcare facilities.

Significant Discussion Points

One of the major talking points was interoperability between healthcare devices. Interoperability has become a growing pain and HIPAA challenge for hospitals. Physicians communicated the difficulties of capturing all electronic health records (EHR) into one system. Fortunately, the ability of having one software that can aggregate data from a legacy system and transfer it into a new platform was posed as a solution for this emerging issue.

Reducing healthcare costs and improving patient communication was another aspect that was discussed. Better communication reduces cost, physician burnout and most importantly, creates a healthy work environment for care teams.

Food, Friends and … More Food!

A Top Golf event was hosted by the conference that included delicious appetizers and beverages! It was the perfect time to make new friends, catch up with old ones and carry out conversations with keynote speakers.

We had a great time at both conferences and gained insight into healthcare industry trends and issues. The events were a success and we look forward to attending next year’s events.

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