OnPage’s Top Three Blogs of the First Quarter

OnPage top blogs OnPage’s first quarter consisted of new business opportunities and relationships, further solidifying its position as an incident alert management leader. However, first quarter success wasn’t only attributed to organizational growth or revenue. The quarter also consisted of insightful, successful blogs, providing information on OnPage latest advancements, industry trends and broader topics.

This post lists OnPage’s top three blogs of the quarter, summarizing the content of these must-read articles, while providing detail into their respective conclusions.

1. How Threat Intelligence Can Improve Your Security

Gilad David Maayan, OnPage guest contributor, discusses the importance of threat intelligence and how organizations can integrate it into their security operations. The post offers best practices in doing so, including:

  • Using intelligence proactively Organizations should use threat intelligence as a guide for security policies and identifying vulnerabilities before an attack.
  • Integrating intelligence with existing security tools Firms should incorporate threat intelligence into automated systems and use it to define suspicious events or patterns of behavior.
  • Using intelligence to reduce “alert fatigue” Threat intelligence can help eliminate or lower the priority of less relevant alerts. It ensures that high-priority issues are handled first.
  • Combining intelligence with threat hunting – Threat hunting searches for threats that have bypassed security measures. Threat hunting can help identify attacks that might otherwise go undetected. 

At its core, the post argues that threat intelligence is an essential, powerful tool to secure organizational systems. Intelligence enables organizations to evaluate security events and respond to malicious activities more promptly.

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2. The Ever-Changing IT Industry

There’s inevitable challenges when introducing new technology to an organization. Chief financial officers (CFOs) and chief information officers (CIOs) tend to combat each other, preventing new solutions from being adopted and implemented within their organization. 

This post discusses these obstacles, while providing shocking statistics regarding CFO and CIO incongruencies. For instance, only 30 percent of CFOs and CIOs agree on new technology adoption and propagation. 

Additionally, the post discusses the importance of ticketing tools, and how they’re complemented and enhanced by automated, critical alerting integrations. This way, intelligent tickets are converted into persistent, never missed high-priority alerts. 

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3. eCommerce Leader Adopts OnPage

An eCommerce juggernaut required a solution to enhance communications between its freight drivers and warehouse managers, detailing the status of the drivers and their estimated delivery times. 

This post discusses how OnPage’s live call routing feature improved the eTailer’s collaboration and transparency. Freight drivers dial just one dedicated OnPage number to reach warehouse managers. Once reached, the drivers connect on a live call, providing delivery updates to the appropriate manager. OnPage critical calls are never missed by managers, ensuring that warehouse operations aren’t greatly impacted by unforeseen delivery situations (e.g., heavy traffic). 

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What’s to Come

OnPage is grateful for its readership, consisting of healthcare professionals, managed service providers (MSPs), IT support teams and more. We’re pleased to have these three posts live and ready-to-read, allowing readers to gain insight into latest industry trends and OnPage milestones. We look forward to publishing more exciting content for returning and first-time readers in quarter two. 

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