OnPage’s Top Healthcare Blogs of 2018

OnPage’s Top Healthcare Blogs of 2018

It’s no secret that we, at OnPage, are passionate about healthcare and the clinical professionals that make the industry go ‘round. It’s through our appetite for this industry, which lead us to publish several, interesting blogs about healthcare and its related topics in 2018.

It’s been a successful year and we look forward to 2019, filled with a fresh batch of healthcare posts. Just like a New Year’s Eve party, we’re now excited to count down … and list our top healthcare blogs of 2018!

Blog #5 – Maintaining the Health of HCA’s Technology

At entry number five, we present a real-world case, where the Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) faced several problems, including but not limited to, on-call confusion, unacceptable downtime resolution and ensuring the continuity of patient care.

Faced with these critical issues, HCA turned to OnPage to build its own on-call schedules, while also benefitting from other platform features. For instance, HCA was able to use OnPage’s automation to eliminate on-call scheduling errors and as a result, reduce response times. To learn more about HCA’s use of OnPage, please check out the full post here.

Blog #4 – 6 Reasons to Think of Pager Replacement Options

Coming in at number four, we discuss why physicians and healthcare pros should ditch the pager and adopt a 21st century solution. The bottom line is that pagers are antiquated and ineffective because they’re:

  • Unencrypted
  • Susceptible to hacking
  • Reduced to working at a limited range
  • Limited to high-priority messaging
  • Unable to escalate alerts
  • Incapable of including attachments

Luckily, healthcare organizations can overcome these pager-based flaws by adopting OnPage’s pager replacement platform. By doing so, hospitals can streamline their clinical communications, improve their workflows and become HIPAA-compliant. To read the full post, please read on now.

Blog #3 – The Real Cost of Healthcare Miscommunication

Have you ever wondered about the risks associated with poor clinical communications? This blog discusses how communication inefficiencies contribute to costly repercussions for hospitals, including but not limited to, (1) putting patient lives at risk, (2) generating monetary losses and (3) creating treatment delays. At its core, healthcare organizations need to modernize their clinical communications to avoid these risks and to improve care team collaboration and accountability. Read on to learn more about the dangers associated with poor healthcare communications.

Blog #2 – Hey Answering Services: You, Too, Are Ruled by HIPAA Compliance

We now reach the second spot of our top blogs of 2018. This post highlights the importance of answering services and their ability to supply HIPAA-compliant messaging. Commonly, an answering service is hired by a hospital, therefore, it’s considered a “business associate” under HIPAA regulation.

As a result, answering services should be careful not to disclose any patient information relating to an individual’s name and phone number. That’s why answering services should adopt OnPage to avoid these protected health information (PHI) issues and to guarantee patient privacy. To continue reading, please click here.

Blog #1 – HIPAA Challenges for 2018

We’re now dropping our own, personal New Year’s ball as we reach our top blog post of 2018! HIPAA Challenges for 2018 discusses how the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) enforces HIPAA regulations and hands out costly fines.

Through a late OCR 2017 report, it was discovered that 94 percent of hospitals fail to establish an information security risk management plan. Also, the report stated that 89 percent of institutions don’t offer patient right of access or copies of their PHI.

Most importantly, the OCR report indicated that the safeguarding of PHI on portable devices is of great importance for facilities. Of course, this means that healthcare organizations need to audit their existing practices and adopt HIPAA-compliant solutions, such as the OnPage pager replacement platform for patient protection. Continue reading our top blog post of 2018 by clicking here.

At OnPage, we’re excited to finish another great year, filled with insightful healthcare blog posts! We’re thankful for all of our readers in 2018 and we look forward to writing more industry-related blogs in the new year.