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OnPage: The Newest Nail in the Pager’s Coffin

Posted by  Brian Dolan on MobiHealthNews

Jul 20, 2011



Onset Technology released OnPage this week, a subscription-based mobile app for iOS and BlackBerry that acts as a pager-like priority messaging service. Onset is no newcomer to the mobile messaging space: The company was founded in 1997.

OnPage aims to attract doctors who still use pagers as a priority messaging system by eliminating the need to carry two devices, while still providing a higher urgency than email, SMS and phone calls. The OnPage service alerts recipients until the message is acknowledged and read, includes a log and audit trail, as well as group messaging. OnPage subscription pricing starts at $8.99 per month, per user.

In a press release, Adam C. Marks, Director of Business & Technical Operations at RSC New England, wrote that “the healthcare industry is still reliant on what most professionals view today as an outdated technology—the pager. Up until this point, our physicians have used a traditional pager to help them keep priority messages distinct from other, less urgent communications. Unfortunately, with a one-way communication system, reliability and responsiveness have always been a concern. OnPage has mitigated those issues for our organization by enabling our physicians to use their smartphones to send and receive priority messages instantly.”

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