Slack has undergone a significant transformation, expanding beyond its origins as a tech staple to become a versatile platform embraced by various industries, including healthcare. It plays a crucial role in facilitating physician communication, providing dedicated channels for different medical specialties. However, Slack poses the following limitations in the healthcare context:

1. Inability to elevate critical communications above the clutter.
2. Inability to accommodate schedules and shifts.
3. Inability to accommodate escalation policies in a critical event.
4. Inability to display whether the message was read, regardless of recipient’s privacy settings.
5. Inability to produce reporting by group and organization.

How does the OnPage-Slack integration address these shortcomings

Elevate Critical Communications Above the Clutter

Slack, while excellent for general communication, may not effectively prioritize critical messages/”pages”. OnPage ensures urgent messages take precedence by providing your care teams with a dedicated platform solely for critical alerts and notifications. This ensures these messages don’t get lost in the noise of regular communication.

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No More Switching Context 

Experience the seamless flow of critical alerts directly from Slack, as it enables your healthcare personnel to send, receive, and respond to critical alerts without leaving their familiar workspace. Our integration ensures that your care team members stay productive and efficient across platforms, eliminating the need for context-switching or app-hopping.

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Accommodate Schedules and Shifts

OnPage offers robust scheduling features that integrate seamlessly with healthcare professionals’ schedules and shifts. It ensures that critical messages are directed to the right staff at the right time, reducing delays in delivering care.

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Accommodate Escalation Policies During Critical Events

Unlike Slack, OnPage allows for the creation and customization of escalation policies. If a critical message goes unacknowledged for a set period, OnPage can automatically escalate it to the next level of responsible healthcare specialist, ensuring urgent matters are addressed promptly.

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Showing Message Status Regardless of Recipient Settings

OnPage provides complete transparency on message statuses, ensuring that senders know whether a critical message has been delivered, read, or acknowledged by the recipient. This visibility enables immediate action if necessary, bridging the gap left by Slack’s limitations in message status tracking.

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Collaborate Effectively on Resolving Issues

Facilitate better coordination and collaboration during critical clinical events with the new integration. Experience seamless communication as team members discuss incidents, share updates and mobilize care team members by sending critical alerts, all within your dedicated Slack channel.

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Produce Post-Event Reports for Continuous Improvement

OnPage offers comprehensive reporting functionalities, allowing healthcare organizations to track and analyze critical message data at a group or organizational level. This empowers the administration to optimize workflows, identify bottlenecks, and enhance overall communication efficiency, a feature not readily available in Slack.

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Continuous Industry Success

OnPage is a G2 Leader for incident alert management, consistently receiving recognition for high performance and user satisfaction.

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