OnPage Showcased as One of Massachusetts’ Top Messaging and Communication Companies

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Cutting-edge messaging systems simplify communication and collaboration for organizations with complex communication needs. These systems are equipped with secure mobile messaging and a full suite of automation capabilities that can route notifications and voice calls across on-call teams. These platforms simplify on-call management through digital on-call schedules and escalation policies. 

TANews is a fast-growing, global telecom business magazine that provides market analysis, expert guides and general expertise on the telecom sector. Owned and operated by U.K.-based Fupping Media, the website regularly publishes segments on top software in different industries.

We at OnPage, are excited to announce that we’ve been showcased as one of the top messaging and communication companies in Massachusetts by TANews. 

OnPage’s intelligent messaging solution is used by many industries to streamline communication workflows and simplify incident alert management.  

Advancements That Keep OnPage Innovative

OnPage continuously explores new ways to expand its value and enhance communication and collaboration workflows for customers. 

OnPage accelerated cloud migration for companies by releasing integrations with Amazon CloudWatch and cloud access security broker (CASB) software. The integrations monitor cloud environments and automatically trigger OnPage high-priority alerts when critical incidents are detected. 

In healthcare, OnPage’s integration with OpenEMR streamlines information exchanges and communication workflows across the care continuum. The integration converts the record-keeping EHR tool into an automated, intelligent system.

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Thanking TANews for the Mention

We’d like to take a moment to thank the TANews network for recognizing our award-winning solution. The OnPage team is grateful for this recognition as it reinforces our market standing as a trusted critical alerting and secure messaging provider. 

We’d also like to extend our congratulations to other featured organizations that deliver systems to solve existing pain points in the market.

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About OnPage

OnPage’s award-winning incident alert management system for IT, MSP and healthcare professionals provides the industry’s only ALERT-UNTIL-READ notification capabilities, ensuring that critical messages are never missed. Whether to minimize IT infrastructure downtime or to reduce the response time of healthcare providers in life-and-death situations, organizations trust OnPage for all their secure, HIPAA-compliant, critical notification needs.

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