OnPage Recognized in Gartner’s Market Guide for Emergency Mass Notification Solutions

Market Guide for Emergency Mass Notification Gartner’s Market Guide for Emergency Mass Notification Solutions (EMNS) is a trusted report for security and risk management leaders. It provides insight into effective crisis communication procedures and identifies solutions that help perfect emergency management plans. 

The EMNS Market Guide has a large, loyal readership in several industries including, state and local government, healthcare, IT support and higher education. Vendors listed in the report can increase their market visibility and gain a competitive edge over other industry players.

The OnPage team is pleased to be recognized as a reliable EMNS vendor by Gartner’s latest Market Guide. This demonstrates OnPage’s position as an industry leader in the emergency mass communications market.  

In this blog, we will uncover the importance of EMNS tools and discuss why organizations are increasingly adopting this technology. We’ll conclude the post by sharing our thoughts on OnPage’s latest Gartner recognition.

What Are EMNS Tools?

Per Gartner, “EMNS automates the distribution and management of messages to relevant stakeholders for localized events and regional and catastrophic disasters across multiple channels … use cases include organizational crises, business-critical operations, IT outages, and public and personal safety.” 

Organizations no longer have to rely on manual communication, rummaging through lists of contacts when an incident occurs. EMNS tools automate the crisis notification process and can send critical messages to voice, email and/or SMS simultaneously. BlastIT, OnPage’s mass notification system, is designed to broadcast messages to these channels and even deliver voicemails if recipients do not answer the phone. 

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Growing Interest in EMNS Tools

Reducing recovery time has always been a top priority for organizations when disasters occur. EMNS tools enhance disaster communications and allow teams to coordinate with each other to mitigate the impact of an event. Mass messaging can help reduce the time it takes to restore key business applications and resources. Simply put, EMNS services can strengthen business continuity management (BCM) strategies.

Organizations are also facing growing pressure from stakeholders that make the case for fast, relevant emergency communications. Due to the ever-increasing demand, more organizations are investing in EMNS tools to improve their crisis communication processes.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the work-from-home transition brings its own set of challenges. As IT outages occur, many organizations are unable to reach remote workers and inform them of the emergency. EMNS tools provide an alternate, immediate method to reach and apprise the workforce of the critical situation. 

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The Value of OnPage BlastIT Mass Notifications

OnPage BlastIT enhances an organization’s situational awareness through simple, reliable and effective crisis communications. 

The BlastIT mass notification system provides:

  • Editable templates: Users can create messages in advance to accelerate emergency alerting procedures. The highly customizable nature allows for contextual notifications to be composed. Critical messages can be sent to voice, email and/or SMS. Voicemails are delivered if recipients fail to answer the phone.
  • Message instructions: Critical messages detail what happened, and the actions recipients should take.
  • Message acknowledgments: Confirmation receipts allow organizations to see the message status and view who acknowledged the message.
  • Unlimited message delivery: Real-time messages can be sent to an unlimited number of contacts within minutes. Contacts can be uploaded by administrators or self-registered to the BlastIT system. 

The OnPage team is grateful to be included in Gartner’s Market Guide for Emergency Mass Notification Solutions. Our inclusion reaffirms OnPage’s foothold in the competitive EMNS market. We’re proud of how far the BlastIT system has come, and we look forward to providing our widely recognized solution to more organizations. 

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