OnPage Mentioned in Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Clinical Communication and Collaboration

Clinical communication and collaboration Clinical communication and collaboration (CC&C) systems enhance care coordination to improve the patient experience. The systems are equipped with secure mobile messaging, allowing care teams to ditch their insecure pagers for HIPAA-compliant smartphone applications.

Gartner, the global leader in tech research, has released its Hype Cycle for Real-Time Health System (RTHS) Technologies, 2020. The release analyzes the benefits of clinical communication systems and how they satisfy care team requirements. 

OnPage is pleased to receive mention in the release, which recognizes the company for its CC&C system and pager replacement solution. In this post, we’ll take a look at Gartner’s CC&C analysis and discuss the significance of OnPage’s latest mention. 

Gartner Defines Clinical Communication and Collaboration Systems

As defined by Gartner, “Clinical communication and collaboration (CC&C) systems … improve situational awareness and information sharing around the patient at the point of care and during transitions of care.” The systems allow teams to streamline their clinical workflows to achieve maximum patient satisfaction. With CC&C systems, patient-related events are responded to and resolved promptly without lag time. At its core, CC&C systems facilitate the continuum of care through advanced collaboration functionalities.

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Care team members, such as specialists and physicians, use CC&C systems for bidirectional, HIPAA-compliant messaging. These real-time communications provide more contextual information than traditional pagers. Care team members can use CC&C systems to securely share sensitive electronic health records (EHRs) or medical files with one another. 

CC&C systems provide features to improve clinical processes. System capabilities include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Robust paging emulation
  • Integrations with EHR and on-call scheduling tools
  • Native digital schedulers to configure on-call care team rotations
  • Persistent, loud and intrusive mobile alerting
  • Real-time presence statuses and message acknowledgements 
  • Post-incident analytics and downloadable reports 
  • Intelligent web management dashboards

Gartner’s Advice on Purchasing Clinical Communication and Collaboration Platforms

According to Gartner, hospitals must understand how a CC&C platform aligns with business priorities. Whether it’s improving care coordination or enhancing the patient experience, facilities must invest in a CC&C system that helps achieve internal care team objectives. 

It’s also important to consider the risks involved in selecting a CC&C vendor. This includes determining how the vendor’s system will perform and how it can solve care team pain points. Further, facilities must recognize the vendor’s level of support and implementation processes. Essentially, having a complete picture of the vendor and its system results in successful purchasing decisions. 

OnPage Receives Mention in Gartner’s Clinical Communication and Collaboration Analysis

OnPage is one of the few CC&C vendors mentioned in Gartner’s latest RTHS Hype Cycle release. The mention solidifies OnPage’s position as one of the most trusted CC&C vendors in the healthcare industry. Indeed, facilities rely on OnPage to improve care team efficiency and effectiveness. 

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OnPage’s clinical communication system consists of an intelligent web console and secure mobile app. The system simplifies care transitions through digital on-call schedules and escalation policies. This way, care team members share the workload and eliminate physician burnout. Physicians can spend much less time being overworked, and more time providing quality patient care. 

Clinical communication and collaboration systems enhance care team awareness, coordination and productivity. Gartner recognizes the importance of CC&C systems and how they improve the patient experience. By adopting CC&C systems, facilities trade in their pagers for 21st century collaborative communications.

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