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With September in full swing, children, teenagers, and college students are finding themselves back in school, while parents start to prepare for the hectic weeks and months ahead. As a parent, trying to juggle multiple school schedules and activities is not only exhausting but also worrisome. When you have to coordinate these chaotic schedules you run the risk that something might not go as planned; school is let out early, soccer practice is cancelled, or your babysitter is running late. If one of these situations occurs you might get a phone call, email, or text informing you, but the chances that you will miss the message is always a risk you have to take and when it comes to child safety taking risks is a not an option.  

OnPage allows for parents to take that risk out of their lives by knowing that they can always be reached. OnPage is a priority notification system that is trusted by doctors, first responders such as EMTs, and important IT personnel. It is a reliable and easy to use messaging system that is run through an app on your phone. As a parent using OnPage you would give out your OnPage ID, which can be reached through phone or email, to anyone who may need to reach you, family/school/babysitter if an emergency was to arise.   Once someone messages your OnPage, you will receive the message immediately and will be notified by an audible alert that will even override the silent feature on your Android or Blackberry to ensure that you do not miss the message.

One of our customers, Andrew*, shared his OnPage story with us and how because of one scary incident he decided that he needed to take greater measures to ensure the safety of his family when it came to their communication. Andrew, at the time of the event, had a son in preschool when one of his son’s classmates put a paper clip into an electrical outlet in the classroom. As a result an electrical fire broke out and the student who was holding the paper clip received burns on his hand. The fire department and paramedics came to the school and the boy was taken to the hospital for treatment. Luckily the child was ok as well as the rest of the classmates. The president of the school sent out an emergency email to all the parents informing them of the accident, however, since Andrew’s phone was on silent due to a busy day of meetings he did not receive the email until two hours later. Fortunately, it was not Andrew’s son who was hurt, because if it had been he wouldn’t have known until his child was already in the hospital. Many emergencies, whether they are accidents or weather related, happen every day and when a loved one is in trouble it is important that you are able to be reached immediately. Andrew decided that it was necessary for his family to have OnPage, in case another incident like the one at his son’s preschool occurred again. He exclaimed to us that he has found it very useful in many situations since.

As the world is becoming more technologically advanced, important communications can often get lost among the clutter. With your phone alerting you every time you get an email or text it is hard to decipher which messages are important and which are not, causing many messages to be misplaced. OnPage guarantees that your important messages will reach you no matter the circumstances because an OnPage message always rises above the clutter.


OnPage is committed to making this school year for you and your children safe and worry free!



*Name changed due to customer preference

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