OnPage Brings Relief To A World Drowning In Alert Fatigue

Onset Technology, creator of OnPage®, announced the release of its new and improved system which combines prioritized messaging and casual messaging in one secure application.  OnPage addresses the need for time-sensitive messages to rise above the chatter by uniting Pager-Like alerting capabilities with conversationally rich casual messaging — all wrapped in a security layer.


The OnPage application, as it was originally designed, was Pager Replacement – a secure pager application on your smartphone. Customers relied on OnPage to send urgent alerts about a patient’s health status, a server outage, or a natural disaster.

“During the Polar Vortex deep freeze of 2014, many of our healthcare agencies had specific requests for information,” said Kelsey Blackburn, Critical Incident Response Planner for COTS. “OnPage® enabled our partners to send a message and then receive a confirmation of receipt. OnPage helped avert an emergency and a potential hospital shutdown.”

“Key people in the IT organization need to be notified about critical events, alert and IT monitoring management,” stated an IT Insurance professional. “They need an alert system to know what’s happening during a server outage as costs can exceed $300,000 an hour. That’s why we use OnPage, because it offered that functionality and more.”

However, OnPage users’ needs evolved since its first release three years ago.

Healthcare professionals needed to converse back and forth about a patient’s condition in a HIPAA secure environment. In response, OnPage developed continuous ‘reply to reply’ messaging enabling a true dialogue. IT professionals were receiving time-sensitive alerts about server crashes mixed in with lower priority items such as ticketing. OnPage developed different levels of priority to distinguish between the two and help reduce alert fatigue.

OnPage developed secure messaging for both High Priority time-sensitive situations, and Low Priority for updates and casual, back and forth communications. Now doctors, IT admins, and emergency responders can freely engage in secure conversations, make more informed decisions, better manage resources, and resolve incidents.

“A sender can now choose if a message is High-Priority, pager like, with prominent alert until read, or Low-Priority, casual messaging. Both operate in a secure and HIPAA compliant environment, unlike sms or email,” said Judit Sharon, CEO of Onset Technology, maker of OnPage. “Pagers and casual messaging has been out there for 20 years, but OnPage added something urgently needed – security & prioritization.”

With OnPage, users can now differentiate between High-Priority incidents and Low-priority ones, and as a result reduce the alert fatigue that plagues the IT and Healthcare industries.

The newest version of OnPage takes mobile communication to the next level with new all-in-app features, including: On-Call Scheduling Management, new ring tones and individualized setting, and the ability to add images and voice-recording attachments.

Judit Sharon said, “Now a physician can take a picture of a potentially cancerous mole and send to another physician and say, ‘What do you think about this?’ Previously, you could only send secure text messages with our application. Now you can send not only text, but images, a video, and sound files – all with a high level of security.“

OnPage is used by thousands of IT, Healthcare, field engineers, and emergency professionals, globally, to ensure a critical message is never missed. OnPage is a scalable, high-availability system, and is fully encrypted, HIPAA compliant end-to-end. Users can connect monitoring devices such as Nagios, Solar Winds, and Remedy to receive monitoring alerts to OnPage to ensure business up-time.

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