OnPage Brings Reliable and Secure Paging to GNS Science

OnPage announced today that New Zealand’s GNS Science selected OnPage for all their critical communication needs.

GNS Science

OnPage will provide GNS Science’s emergency response team the capability to send highly reliable and encrypted messages and alerts with a complete audit trail that automatically notifies the sender when a message was delivered, when it was actually read, and when it was replied to.

This will greatly enhance the efficiency of GNS Science’s emergency response team, whether responding to an occurring natural disaster, coordinating public information release, or responding to IT outages that are critical to the detection and monitoring of natural disasters.

Prior to switching to OnPage, GNS Science used conventional pagers and experienced a multitude of problems, including spotty coverage leading to missed pages, not knowing whether pages were actually received, having to send multiple pages to get around the 160 character limitation of conventional pagers, and the inconvenience of having to carry multiple communication devices. OnPage was able to alleviate all these problems by making use of the rapidly increasing cell and/or WiFi coverage, ensuring that every message is received securely, providing the sender confirmation that a message was received and actually read, providing a complete audit trail, and providing the convenience of having to carry only one device.

“OnPage has brought reliable, secure and convenient paging to GeoNet, New Zealand’s geological hazard monitoring system. It is now a vital part of our IT and geohazards response capability,”

Kevin Fenaughty GeoNet Data Centre Manager.

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