OnPage Adds Urgency and Security to Enterprise Communications

OnPage addresses the need for time-sensitive messages to rise above the chatter for IT-professionals, healthcare providers and disaster recovery teams to ensure urgent messages are never missed. Learn how OnPage advances enterprise communications. 

WALTHAM, Massachusetts

— Onset Technology, creator of OnPage announced the release of its new and improved version of the application. OnPage® addresses users’ needs for Time-Sensitive Messages to rise above the chatter by combining secure Pager-Like capabilities with secure casual messaging – all in one app.

Previously, IT professionals were receiving time-sensitive alerts about server crashes mixed in with lower priority ticketing. To differentiate between the two, OnPage® has now developed levels of priority: High Priority– for time-sensitive situations, and Low Priority – for updates.

Healthcare professionals were using two different applications to communicate – one for alerts and the other for casual conversations about a patient’s condition. OnPage has now unified both types of communications into one convenient application – offering time-sensitive alerting with attachments and back and forth continuous messaging in a HIPAA secure environment. Doctors, IT admins, and emergency responders can now grab your attention with alerts, freely engage in secure conversations, and make better informed decisions in time-sensitive situations because of OnPage’s communications innovation.

“A sender can now choose if a message is High-Priority, pager like, or Low-Priority, casual messaging,” said Judit Sharon, CEO of Onset Technology, maker of OnPage. “Pagers and Casual Messaging has been out there for 20 years, but OnPage® united them into one application and added something urgently needed – Security.”

The OnPage application was originally designed as a secure Pager Replacement with advanced features on your smartphone. Now the application allows an enhanced messaging experience for thousands of customers who depend on OnPage to send urgent alerts.“During the deep freeze winter of 2014, many healthcare agencies had requests for information,” said Kelsey Blackburn, Critical Incident Response Planner for COTS. “OnPage® enabled our partners to send a message and then receive a confirmation of receipt. OnPage helped avert an emergency and a potential hospital shutdown.”

“Key people in the IT organization need to be notified about critical events, alert and IT monitoring management,” stated an IT Insurance professional. “They need to know what’s happening during a server outage as costs can exceed $300,000 an hour. We use OnPage, because it offered that functionality and more.”

Starting today, the new version of OnPage® takes mobile communication to the next level with new all-in-one-app features, including Individualized Setting and the ability to add images and voice-recording attachments. Additionally, OnPage’s new web based On-Call Scheduling Management tool now enables enterprise users to plan ahead and route prioritized messages to the right person, on the right day, at the right time.

OnPage® is a scalable, high-availability system, and is fully encrypted, HIPAA compliant end-to-end, with rock solid reliability. Today, thousands of IT, Healthcare, field engineers, and emergency professionals, globally, rely on OnPage® to ensure their critical message is never missed.

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