MSP Report: The OnPage + ConnectWise Manage Integration Update

ConnectWise Manage Integration

OnPage announced its collaboration with ConnectWise in 2015. Since that time, OnPage has seen MSP customers flock to the integration to solve many of their incident alert management needs.  Over the past few weeks, OnPage has begun to unveil its enhanced ConnectWise Manage integration. The update enables incident responders to have much greater control over the ticket and incident resolution lifecycle. With this enhanced integration, users can now update the ConnectWise Manage ticket from within the OnPage application on their smartphone.

The updated ConnectWise Manage integration helps MSPs

With the update from last month, OnPage and ConnectWise Manage can now streamline incidents in a way that was never previously possible.  Prior to integrating with OnPage, MSP users of ConnectWise had no way in which to create audible alerts based on the creation of tickets in ConnectWise. When a ticket was created, it would only send an email or text alert. OnPage’s integration enabled prominent alerts to be sent to the MSP’s smartphone. Yet only with the most recent update are MSPs able to acknowledge receipt of and manage the ConnectWise Manage ticket, thus facilitating a much more rapid response and update to critical alerts.

MSPs can now streamline the incident resolution lifecycle and provide ConnectWise Manage ticket updates from within the OnPage application on a smartphone. With the enhanced integration, OnPage eliminates the need for multiple processes and allows MSP incident responders to update the status of a ticket with the simple click of a button on their OnPage application.

The advantage of the ConnectWise Manage integration

By further integrating ConnectWise Mange with OnPage,  MSPs are now able to improve MTTR, better manage clients’ ecosystem by decreasing service interruptions and improve responsiveness to SLAs. Responders can also effectively manage their SLAs and create ticket updates in real-time, which increases the accuracy of post-incident reporting.

With the improved integration, MSP Incident responders not only ensure full visibility into the incident, but also receive multiple options for managing their SLAs from their mobile device:

  • “In Progress” – Allows incident responders to acknowledge the incident and indicate that they are working to resolve the incident.
  • “Closed” – This important feature signals that the incident has been resolved and that the responder can move on to the next ticket.

All updates to the ConnectWise Manage ticket are done in real time. A thread of all replies from the OnPage application to the ConnectWise platform are saved within the ticket to make the process of post-incident reporting and incident management more effective.

Ticketing workflow

1 – The incident occurs – The OnPage + ConnectWise Integration

When an incident occurs, ConnectWise will create a ticket and trigger OnPage to send out a smart alert as soon as a ticket is created. This automates the alert sending process. If for example, your client experiences an issue with their server, a ticket is created in ConnectWise which triggers OnPage to send out a smart alert based on the triggers set up in ConnectWise.

2 – Your team gets notified – secure alerting and messaging

Once your team gets notified, team members have the ability to send and receive messages which include images and voice attachments to enrich the message and give more context to the incident.

3 – Automatic ticket updates – two way integration

A key component of cataloging the incident resolution process is to ticket every step of the way. This allows you to track the progress of the event.  It also allows incident responders to update the status of the ticket on ConnectWise Manage to say if the incident is “In Progress” or “Closed”. This eliminates human error, saves time and provides for almost immediate updates to catalog and measure MTTR metrics.


While there are many more details that could be covered to explain the scope of the ConnectWise Manage integration updates, further discussion would lead us outside the scope of this blog. We are very proud of our developers and support team for putting out this new version of the ConnectWise Manage integration. Please download the full documentation for further explanation on the details you need to bring the ConnectWise Manage update to your MSP.

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