Leader In Specialty Coffee Turns To OnPage™ to Enhance Communication Reliability

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OnPage™modernized and simplified communication to Leading Coffee Company

A leader in specialty coffee and coffee makers has recently turned to OnPage for their primary communication needs within their IT department. The well-known coffee company will utilize OnPage’s secure, fault-tolerant priority messaging application to enhance communication reliability and monitoring of their servers.

The coffee company provides award-winning coffee and innovative brewing technology to a variety of restaurants and stores within the United States. Having relied on traditional pager technology in the past, they experienced poor pager coverage and missed messages due to their mountainous surroundings.

Switching to OnPage priority messaging, this progressive, forward-thinking company was able to bring the same level of technological innovation to their communication process as they did to their products and manufacturing processes. This includes the ability to send and receive messages through both cell service and WI-FI, continuous distinguishable alerts and repeated delivery until receipt is acknowledged, actual read acknowledgement, as well as encryption for security. Furthermore, since the OnPage application runs on the most popular smartphones, there is no longer the need to carry an additional pager device.

OnPage converts any iPhone, BlackBerry, or Android device into a secure, fault-tolerant communication system. It guarantees that no messages will ever be missed.

Due to the successful deployment of the OnPage application throughout the company, their IT department has now entrusted OnPage as a disaster recovery solution for email and server monitoring.


OnPage is a hosted service for secure two way pager and priority messaging application on iOS devices, BlackBerry and Android with global service coverage using WiFi or Data-Cell service. The message sent via the OnPage service arrives to the smartphone as a prominent page with continuous alert until acknowledged. The sender is kept abreast of the status of the message and is automatically notified when the message is received and when it is actually read. Additionally, the OnPage service is encrypted, redundant and persistent to ensure NO message is lost