Helicopter Services Company Improves Incident Response by 90 Percent With OnPage BlastIT

Helicopter Services Company Efficient team communication requires the proper set of tools and processes, ensuring that the right persons receive timely messages. This way, recipients are well-informed of a critical issue, while having time to address the incident. Unfortunately, a large helicopter services company relied on time-wasting procedures to communicate with stakeholders, resulting in delayed incident response and resolution. 

This post discusses the helicopter company’s past communication challenges, and how it improved its incident response by 90 percent with OnPage BlastIT mass notifications

Previous Communication Challenges

Before BlastIT, the firm used to call each stakeholder individually, informing them about the situation in hand. This process wasted precious time, preventing stakeholders from addressing the critical situation promptly.

In the case of a helicopter-related accident, injured persons did not receive timely treatment following the major incident. During these dire situations, time would make the difference between life and death for impacted field workers or client members. 

Worse yet, the firm was unable to meet its service-level agreements (SLAs), which established the responsibility for quick incident management and response. The firm’s inability to meet these SLAs resulted in hefty costs, tarnishing its business-client relationships in the process. 

The organization required an advanced communication solution, offering mass messaging and alerting. This way, all stakeholders could be simultaneously alerted without delay or unnecessary lag time. 

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Helicopter Services Company Adopts BlastIT 

The helicopter firm adopted the BlastIT system to streamline crisis communications with its stakeholders. BlastIT is a robust mass notification tool, built around quick incident communications and timely event response. 

The firm makes use of BlastIT’s recipient lists, allowing it to mass notify specific individuals or departments. It’s a pick and choose process, allowing for the selection of uploaded message recipients. 

After recipient selection, the firm sends BlastIT notifications via email, SMS and phone call. BlastIT alerts are equipped with message acknowledgements, indicating whether a stakeholder receives and acknowledges the message’s contents. The company can rest assured that recipients read the critical message in time.

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Ideal Outcomes and Results

The organization improved its incident response by 90 percent with BlastIT. Its response time to SLAs has gone from 45 minutes to just five minutes!

BlastIT has proven to be a key contributor to the organization’s recent success and communication efficiency. At its core, BlastIT enables the helicopter services company to:

  • Send immediate, simultaneous alerts to stakeholders through several delivery channels (i.e., email, SMS and/or phone call)
  • Enhance recipient transparency through message acknowledgements
  • Eliminate costs associated with missed SLAs
  • Meet SLAs to achieve maximum client satisfaction
  • Easily select the contacts (e.g., groups and individuals) to mass notify during the crisis

Adopting the BlastIT solution equates to enhanced communications and response times during critical situations. BlastIT eliminates all communication obstacles, meeting the needs and requirements of today’s organizations.

Want to learn more? Download the latest case study on BlastIT mass notifications. 

Helicopter Services Company Adopts BlastIT
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