Elevate Critical Notifications.
Drive Team Collaboration.
Gain Visibility into Response Time.

Streamline secure communication and collaboration workflows and drive fast incident remediation for your on-call teams.

Master incident response head on!

      • Elevate critical alerts for urgent issues
      • Achieve secure collaboration and on-call scheduling
      • Blast messages at scale during crises
      • Live call routing to enable direct access to on-call staff
      • Integrate with your existing tech stack via email, API and webhooks

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End-to-End Alert Management for Response Teams

Respond to Critical Incidents Before They Impact Stakeholders


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OnPage’s intelligent system centralizes incident response information and elevates critical alerts so your team never misses time-sensitive notifications.

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Fail-Safe On-Call Scheduler

Create defined times, schedules and rotations for your on-call response team.

Automatically alert designated members when a critical incident occurs.

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Automated Escalations

Automate escalation policies to alert the next person on call with OnPage’s rule-based algorithms.

Control the users that will receive the alert and determine the amount of time to wait before escalating critical notifications to the designated user.

Real-Time Audit Trails

Access real-time audit trails and reports for instant visibility into the incident life cycle.

Strengthen your analysis of the response team’s incident resolution performance.

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Persistent Alerting

Bypass the silent switch on all mobile devices. Alerts rise above the clutter® and bring notifications to the forefront, continuing for up to eight hours until acknowledged.

Mobilize your response team with OnPage alerts which are loud and easily distinguishable from other smartphone notifications.

Secure, Real-Time Messaging

Access secure two-way communications. Messages are SSL encrypted and can only be viewed by message participants. Secure for healthcare and reliable for IT response teams.

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Client testimonials

It’s much faster than my previous platform. Sign out and communication capability is also very helpful with the rest of my team. I recommend OnPage to other hospitalist practices.

– Monica V., Hospitalist

Client testimonials

Our after-hours staff have loved the simplicity for alerting of after-hours support calls. We use OnPage for all of our server reporting alerts.

– Ben W., IT Specialist