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Pushing Cybersecurity to the Forefront

The rise of attacks and the concurrent expansion of cloud services has forced organizations to reconsider their cybersecurity strategy and move toward cutting-edge tools to stay one step ahead of hackers. 

It is estimated that companies with 1,000 employees deploy over seventy cybersecurity tools from thirty-five different vendors. The downside of adopting multiple tools is alert fatigue stemming from hundreds of cybersecurity alerts.

Cybersecurity and Incident Response

Incident Detection & Response is a growing challenge—security teams are often understaffed and overworked, the attack surface for intruders is expanding, and it is difficult to detect stealthy user-based attacks. It is critical that organizations deploy incident response plans (IRPs) to mitigate the impact of a cyberattack on business and ensure operations return to normal promptly.

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Cybersecurity Incident Response with OnPage

OnPage ensures critical alerts get to the right person securely with real-time, automated incident management. Intelligent messaging, alert escalations, on-call schedules and audit trails can be easily integrated into an organization’s existing cybersecurity tool stack.

The OnPage alerting system plows through the noise and prioritizes the most crucial alerts. OnPage alerts bypass the silent switch on mobile to ensure security incidents are never missed by cybersecurity teams.

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Managing Cybersecurity Risk at Scale

OnPage’s powerful SaaS-based incident response solution sits at the center of your cybersecurity ecosystem, and it manages the delivery of cybersecurity incidents to the right response teams—wherever they are. It further provides security and relevant IT teams with a separate communication channel within the phone application to collaborate, accelerating the remediation process. Instantly plug and play with your existing cybersecurity tools, such as CASB and Amazon CloudWatch, and realize immediate value.


Real-time, cross-team collaboration for faster incident resolution
Gain real-time visibility into your incident response lifecycle and enhance enterprise awareness


Enable secure communication and collaboration for security response teams
Gain insight into your security team’s incident response for process improvements



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