OnPage Alert Management for DevOps

The DevOps practice hinges on software engineers assuming full ownership of codebases, from development to production and operations. When codes break, or high-risk actions are detected in supporting infrastructures, engineers spring into action, taking measures to minimize service disruption.

OnPage accelerates the incident resolution process. To achieve this, it elevates the urgency of incidents to the right team and expands the visibility throughout the entire development lifecycle.

When a monitoring service detects an incident, it automatically triggers a high-priority alert on the OnPage mobile application. OnPage’s patented “Alert-Until-Read” technology overrides the mute switch on all smartphone devices. This ensures that critical alerts reach the right on-call engineer at the right time. OnPage notifies the responder in real time using alerting policies, routing rules and digital on-call schedules.

Benefits | How Alert Management Drives Innovation

DevOps Pipelines

Embracing Automation

Maximize investments in your various DevOps technology stacks and respond to any degradation in the customer experience quickly and automatically. OnPage’s alerting tool aggregates and parses notifications originating from various sources, and it distributes these alerts to the right teams in real time. Eliminate toil arising from “non-value adding” activities and shorten the incident resolution time by embracing automation.

Drive full-service ownership to scale growth

Facilitate full-service ownership from start to finish by enabling code owners to receive alerts when their codes experience issues. Mobilize the right teams into action and encourage collaboration within team members. Reduce inefficiencies caused due to friction, silos and handoffs.

Unleash data-driven decision making

Gain access to detailed incident reports via the web management console to uncover workflow inefficiencies and issues that frequently occur. Review incident progress, including when an alert was sent, delivered, read and escalated – all under a single pane of glass (SPOG) – improving your engineer’s accountability, transparency, employee morale and responsiveness.


Features | Gain Capabilities To Hit SLO Targets Consistently

Frictionless On-Call Management

Streamline the process of adding DevOps members to the on-call schedule. Establish escalation policies and routing rules to automatically escalate incidents to the right on-call staff. Democratize the process of schedule creation, knowing there is continuous, error-free coverage when schedules are populated incorrectly. Introduce accountability to the process and ensure that employees take ownership of their actions while provisioning them with full control.

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Unleash the Power of Data

Harness the power of data and gain powerful insights from it. Gain real-time views into the incident resolution progress and response times. After an issue is resolved, access detailed incident reports and uncover potential gaps in incident handling. Take the guesswork out of decision-making with increased visibility into a team’s performance across the incident lifecycle.

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