Critical Alerts Without a Data Package

When the Wi-Fi magical garden is gone and the message must get through

dreamstime_s_46548870-300x198Most of us don’t even think twice about internet connectivity. We get it at work or Starbucks or at home. It’s one of those low-cost goods in our society which can be produced in vast quantities as needed with minimal effort. And while $30 per month might seem pretty close to free, many consumers and business individuals outside the United States don’t live in our magical wi-fi garden.

Got tech support in India?

So, imagine instead that you are a company with tech support in India where nearly 900 million people do not have access to the internet. Or perhaps you have support in the Philippines which has the third lowest average connection speed in the region. Further, imagine that you have a critical alert you need to get out to your engineers about a downed server or a deployment failure. In a country where data is not cheap, your tech engineers are faced with a high cost of doing business. You might think that their employer will pay for the data. Maybe. But what if that employer is your company?

Critical alerts without a data package

Luckily, there are answers to these nettlesome problems. The answer is OnPage’s Page to Phone feature. OnPage realizes that there are many countries where the data plan is expensive and even if the employee has the plan, he might turn it off at certain times to avoid data charges. OnPage’s key feature however is that it offers redundancy above and beyond a prominent alert on the smartphone. For those times when the engineer isn’t answering a page, you can program OnPage to elevate the alert to a phone call. Great!  Furthermore, Page to Phone enables the phone call recipient to mark the message as read so it won’t further escalate.

By adding the Page to Phone feature, OnPage ensures your important recipients are never out of touch. Want to know how Page to Phone can help your business? Contact us and we will be happy to show you how this feature can add increased productivity to your business.

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