Amazon SNS

What’s Amazon SNS?

Per the company, Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) is a notification system, providing low costs for the mass delivery of alerts or messages. Amazon SNS is a sure way to send notifications based on a topic, specifically to mobile users, SMS and email.

In Amazon SNS, there are two types of clients—publishers and subscribers—also referred to as producers and consumers.

Publishers: Send messages to a mass quantity of subscribers

Subscribers: Recipients of messages, who only receive messages from relevant categories or topics. They “subscribe” to message type

Benefits of Using Amazon SNS With OnPage

Utilizing OnPage in tandem with SNS will provide added benefits. Subscribing to important topics with an OnPage email address will provide alerts with redundancy, audit trail and escalation.

Users can easily prioritize topics by specifying if the notification is a low or high-priority OnPage alert (e.g., [email protected] for low-priority or [email protected] for high-priority alerts).

To receive the subscription link, users must specify the delivery method as “Email – JSON” instead of “Email.” Once the subscription is confirmed, the user can start receiving messages from their OnPage email address. It’s that easy!



Amazon SNS

Amazon SNS


Easily configure OnPage with SNS to receive relevant notifications. Subscribing to important topics with your OnPage email address will provide alerts with redundancies, audit trails and alert escalations.

Redundancies: Enable redundant messaging to phone, SMS and email.

Audit trails: Gain insight into notifications, escalations and acknowledgments with time-stamped audit trails to ensure that each critical alert is managed appropriately and effectively.

Alert escalations: Escalate alerts to the next group or person if a team member is not available. Customize who you want to receive the alert, the amount of time to wait before escalating to the next user and which user the alert should be escalated to.

Use Case: SNS and OnPage

The following is a use case, discussing how to configure OnPage and SNS:

1. An alert is sent to an escalation group that has a configured schedule. This is useful for any team with an on-call rotation and a backup recipient. In this scenario, the topic would automatically be assigned to the appropriate group OnPage ID (OPID) associated with the topic.

2. OnPage will route the notification to whoever is on call based on the schedule. If they don’t answer in a specified amount of time, it will be sent to the secondary contact.