3 Ways How Live Call Routing Increases Care Team Efficiency

Call routing Hospitals require a solution to streamline after-hours communication between patients and medical professionals. Exceptional after-hours care helps enhance the patient experience in critical situations. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss the importance of dedicated lines and after-hour live calls.

What Is Live Call Routing?

Live call routing is an efficient and automated way to enhance after-hours communication. Based on pre-configured schedules, patients can talk to scheduled physicians on a phone call. Time is not wasted in connecting patients with on-call specialists.

Specialists must always listen and empathize with the people they provide care for. According to a recent study, there is a positive relationship between a physician’s communication skills and the patient’s ability to welcome clinical recommendations. 

In the case of OnPage, on-call assignments are created through the system’s digital web scheduler. Regardless of the time or day, the scheduler ensures on-call providers always receive patient calls. 

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How Does Live Call Routing Work?

Patients dial one dedicated phone number to reach after-hour care teams. On-call physicians must answer patient calls to solve their issues promptly. 

If the patient’s call is not answered, it is then escalated to the next physician in line. In the case that no on-call members respond, the patient is prompted to leave a callback number and/or voicemail. This ensures that on-call physicians address or return the patient’s call.

Here’s three ways how live call routing increases care team efficiency:

1. Direct Communication With On-Call Physicians

As mentioned, patients must dial one dedicated number to connect with care teams instantly. Direct calls allow after-hour teams to address patient issues fast and reduce incident resolution time. 

By investing in dedicated lines and live calls, hospitals can eliminate answering services and cut costs. There is no more need for an expensive and ineffective “middleman.”

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2. Bilingual Phone Menus

Bilingual communications allow care teams to achieve patient satisfaction. For instance, Spanish-speaking patients feel more comfortable with bilingual accommodations, and if satisfied, they will be more likely to refer the care facility to others.

OnPage provides live calls with bilingual communications. Phone menu and greeting options can be communicated in several languages. This enables patients to fully understand the after-hour services they require. After-hour care teams can also cater their services to a large multilingual crowd.

3. Powerful Live Call Routing Reports

Live call routing features, such as those offered by OnPage, provide insight into care teams’ after-hours performance. Healthcare managers can analyze call routing reports to improve after-hours patient care. Reporting will help optimize patient experience and improve the quality of care.

Take Full Advantage of Live Call Routing

Live call routing enhances after-hours communication and increases care team efficiency. Medical teams can now provide meaningful after-hours care and enhance incident response times.

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