What’s New at OnPage: Enhanced Phone App and Security

What's new at OnPage: Enhanced Phone App and Security blog banner: smart phones open to new OnPage app displaying schedule view and chat pages.

Welcome to the latest OnPage phone app update! Our dedication to enhancing our product and streamlining customer workflows remains unwavering. In our continuous quest for improvement, we’re thrilled to unveil the latest enhancements to our application. We’ve listened intently to your feedback and are excited to announce a significant modernization of our phone application, showing our commitment to meeting your evolving needs.

In this update, we’ve gone above and beyond to integrate the most recent trends and cutting-edge technology into our solutions. By doing so, we’re not only addressing your requests but also staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving landscape of critical communication and on-call management.
Among the many exciting changes, we’re particularly thrilled to introduce features that enhance visibility into on-call duties directly from our mobile application. This addition reflects our dedication to providing you with the tools you need, wherever you are, to effectively manage your responsibilities.

But that’s not all. We’ve also focused on bolstering security measures and refining the overall user experience, ensuring that your interactions with our platform are not only seamless but also secure.

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Join us as we delve into the details of these new features, exploring how they can revolutionize the way you work and communicate. Let’s dive in and discover the future of OnPage together.

Gain visibility into on-call schedules with Mobile Schedules

Screenshot of schedule view on the OnPage mobile app. Shows multiple team schedules including weekend on-call and after-hours. Enterprises operating at scale often face the challenge of efficiently managing on-call responsibilities, especially in constantly changing environments where schedules can be modified rapidly. With OnPage’s latest innovation, Mobile Schedules, this challenge becomes a thing of the past.

Imagine this: you’re an IT technician responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of critical systems round-the-clock. In such a high-stakes environment, knowing who’s on call and when can mean the difference between swift issue resolution and potential downtime. With Mobile Schedules, you can now access individual and team schedules directly from your OnPage mobile app, empowering you with real-time information at your fingertips. No more scrambling through spreadsheets or waiting for email updates or calling a designated “schedule guy” – the latest on-call schedule is just a tap away.

But the benefits extend far beyond the IT realm. Consider a healthcare provider in a bustling hospital setting. Patient care doesn’t stop when the traditional workday ends, and neither do the demands on medical staff. With Mobile Schedules, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals can effortlessly stay informed about on-call rotations, ensuring seamless continuity of care. Whether it’s responding to emergencies or coordinating patient care, having instant access to on-call schedules can significantly enhance operational efficiency and patient outcomes.

It’s not just about visibility – it’s about empowerment. Mobile Schedules empowers users to stay agile, aware and responsive, whether they’re troubleshooting IT issues or delivering life-saving medical care. And while the convenience of accessing schedules on the go is undoubtedly game-changing, rest assured that security remains paramount. To maintain data integrity and accountability, any changes to schedules still require access through the OnPage scheduling module on the web app, ensuring a seamless and secure user experience across all platforms.

Seamless transition Across Devices: Retain Message History with Ease

Flexibility is paramount in modern workplaces. With the latest OnPage phone app update, users can seamlessly transition between devices without the fear of losing valuable message history or disrupting ongoing chat threads. Whether upgrading to a new phone or temporarily logging from a new device, your communication remains uninterrupted, ensuring continuity and productivity.

This feature not only simplifies the device-switching process but also gives peace of mind to organizations. Imagine a scenario where a team member’s phone is temporarily unavailable because it’s been sent for repairs, but their on-call responsibilities remain unchanged. In such situations, having access to a backup phone provided by their employer allows them to seamlessly continue their on-call duties without interruption. 

With message history retained, they can pickup where they left off, ensuring continuity of communication and swift problem resolution, even while using an alternate device.

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Elevated Aesthetics and Security: Enhancements

The modernized OnPage phone application introduces a visually refreshed color scheme, carefully curated to provide better contrast and readability across both light and dark modes. This aesthetic upgrade not only OnPage message thread on smartphone showing benefits including secure message attachments, on-call schedules, escalation policies, high-priority messaging, and audit trails. enhances the overall user experience but also ensures optimal usability.

But aesthetics are just one part of the equation. Security remains a top priority, and with this OnPage phone app update, we’re proud to introduce several enhancements aimed at fortifying the app’s security measures. Firstly, we’ve bolstered password security processes, implementing industry-leading practices to safeguard user accounts from unauthorized access and data breaches.

In addition, every user now has the added layer of security provided by two-factor authentication (2FA), with their required phone number serving as a means to receive verification codes. This proactive approach to authentication adds an extra barrier against potential security threats, further securing your sensitive information and ensuring peace of mind.

Furthermore, managing your user profile information has never been more convenient. With the latest update, users can seamlessly update their profile details directly from the app, streamlining administrative tasks and ensuring that account information remains accurate and up-to-date at all times. These improvements not only enhance security but also empower users with greater control over their personal data, reinforcing our commitment to providing a safe and user-friendly experience across the OnPage platform.


Experience the future of OnPage today, where seamless communication, reliable critical alerting, enhanced security and user empowerment are at the heart of managing critical events and incidents. Explore OnPage’s latest phone app update and see how we’re revolutionizing secure critical communication and on-call management to meet your evolving needs. Join us in our journey towards a more efficient, secure and connected tomorrow with OnPage.

testimonial band for blogs with two 5 start testimonials. David T's review reads "OnPage provides a secure and easy to use platform for messaging clinical staff about sensitive PHC. It's simple enough for the non tech-native users and the onboarding is fast. It is also very easy to scale up and add new users to the product." and Tal P's review reads "OnPage offers encrypted transmission, prioritizing urgent notifications. We've been able to gain instant visibility into who is on call. Integration with ChatOps and monitoring tools is straightforward. It's easy to put teams into groups, schedules and alert escalations."