Popular Mass Notification Solutions Used in Schools

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OnPage BlastIT is a mass notification system that allows organizations to enhance their crisis communications. It streamlines communication in emergency situations, ensuring that critical, urgent alerts are never missed. 

Additionally, BlastIT allows organizations to improve mass messaging operations by 30- to-40 percent.

Here, I’ll highlight BlastIT’s features and how they outweigh competitor functionalities.

BlastIT: Helping Schools Stay Safe

The education industry leverages the BlastIT system during crisis situations. By enabling mass notifications in schools, college campuses can reach faculty, students and families within minutes. 

BlastIT offers message acknowledgements, highlighting when a recipient has received and read the urgent notification. This way, BlastIT administrators will always know that their messages have been received during time-sensitive events.

Whether it’s a snow day, fire or an intruder, universities count on BlastIT to notify those that need to be reached. 

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Crisis communication and mass notifications are important industry topics; meaning there are multiple competitors. However, BlastIT proves to be the number one platform time and time again. Below, I’ll discuss three of BlastIT’s competitors including, Everbridge, Rave Mobile Safety and OnSolve.

Everbridge lacks a sophisticated audit trail. It has no way of determining whether or not an alert has been seen. Without this feature, there’s no way to tell if the mass notification service is effective or not.  

In any organization, people are often busy with a number of tasks throughout the day. If there’s an emergency situation, it’s critical that the notification is seen. Rave Mobile Safety has no method of cutting through the clutter to ensure notifications are received. This could potentially escalate an already dangerous situation. 

OnSolve’s mass notifications often fall through the cracks. Users have to opt-in to receive notifications. If a user doesn’t perform this action, he or she will likely miss urgent alerts. 

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The Superior Product

BlastIT offers a superior product when it comes to mass notifications. Whether an email, SMS or phone call, notifications cut through noise and allow recipients to focus on the situation at hand. 

In urgent situations, it’s essential that notifications are sent out immediately. BlastIT expedites the mass notification process through editable templates, ensuring alerts are selected and sent in a timely manner. 

OnPage BlastIT provides a sense of security in emergency situations. If there’s a crisis situation at work, hospital or school, BlastIT provides the necessary capabilities to keep recipients informed and safe. 

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