OnPage’s Bucket List for the 2019 Healthcare Innovation Summits

Healthcare Innovation Summits

The OnPage team is excited to announce that we’ll be attending two Healthcare Innovation Summits this year, taking place in Boston and Minneapolis. Healthcare summits provide a platform for companies to gain a deeper understanding of best practices for AI, cybersecurity and using healthcare IT in tackling different issues.

Healthcare Innovation Summit Keynote Speakers

OnPage’s first stop is in our beloved city of Boston on Oct. third. We’re eager to announce that our very own CEO Judit Sharon will be a guest speaker at this summit, talking about the importance of clinical communications and improving patient care. Judit will be discussing important clinical communication points including how:

  • Direct doctor-to-patient communications allow physicians to understand patient case files before seeing them. This increases efficiency and patient satisfaction
  • Instant alerting systems reduce human error which in turn, creates transparency and accountability for physicians assigned to an on-call schedule
  • Different alerts based on message priority (e.g., high or low-priority) ensure critical notifications are acknowledged promptly
  • Healthcare organizations can balance physician workload by creating on-call schedules

Judit’s experience with this area will guarantee an enjoyable and informative session that you simply cannot miss!

Moreover, we’re excited to learn from Dr. Steven Strongwater, president of Atrius Health, who’ll further our knowledge in reducing physician burnout. We look forward to exchanging notes and sharing information during the event’s Q&A sessions!

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Networking and Making New Friends

We’re anxiously awaiting to network and engage in panel discussions and luncheons with our peers and future friends. With our expanding industry knowledge and experience, our new friends can rely on OnPage to constantly deliver these features:

  • HIPAA-compliant messaging to ensure security for all care team exchanges
  • Continuous messaging that can send alerts to a user’s mobile device for up to eight hours until acknowledged
  • Pager off capabilities to reduce physician burnout
  • Reporting options that generate data to better manage teams effectively

Another event OnPage is thrilled to join takes place on Oct. 17th in Minneapolis. We’re expecting to network with Michelle Gishkowshy, IT systems analyst at Mayo Clinic. OnPage’s team is curious to know more about organizational change management (OCM) and how it relates to people. Furthermore, we would love to discuss how OnPage is a reliable HIPAA-compliant pager replacement platform for today’s healthcare organizations.

Exploring What Minneapolis has to Offer

We also heard that Minneapolis is famous for its delicious fried food. OnPage’s team is looking forward to grabbing a bite in the city with new friends. As well as participating in the attendee networking reception, toasting to all the connections made and the stories shared during these summits.

We’re eager to participate in both summits, and we’re guaranteed to enjoy and learn from our interactions with fellow friends and speakers. With highly credible sources and individuals, we’re positive it would be an unforgettable learning journey!

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