OnPage incident management and secure messaging




Continuous Alerts Until Read
Never Miss a critical incident again!  Onpage alerts grab your attention immediately (even if you are sleeping). Our persistent alerting is pushed to your Android, BlackBerry, or iPhone for up to 8 hours, ensuring you never miss an alert.
Real-Time Team Communication
OnPage messaging technology, combined with your Android, iPhone, or BlackBerry Smartphone, guarantees nearly instantaneous, secure team communications.
Groups and Escalation
Create Groups and Escalation policies using the Enterprise IT Alerting for personnel redundancy so NO ALERTS ARE MISSED.
Schedule “On-Call Management”
Plan ahead.  Choose who gets notified. Send alerts to the right group, on the right day, at the right time.  Use OnPage’s On-Call Management Scheduler.
High Priority / Low Priority
Tailored alert settings for Time-Sensitive urgent messaging and Low priority casual messaging. OnPage is Simple and Powerful.
Communicate in a secure environment and include images and voice attachments to your text message to deepen meaning and make informed decisions.
Global Coverage
OnPage secure messaging & pager works wherever you have cellular or wireless (Wi-Fi) coverage.
audit trail
Audit Trails
The OnPage messaging & Paging Service running on Android, iOS, and Blackberry knows when a message is delivered, read, or replied to.
Multiple Methods of Messaging
OnPage sends messages in a variety of ways. Send via phone, email, application, or console.
Immediate Activation
You can start using OnPage in minutes! Simply download and register, and you can start sending and receiving critical time-sensitive messages.
Eliminates Multiple Devices
Ditch your pager – OnPage does it all!
Pager Off Capability
Turn your OnPage off when you are off pager duty.
Remote Wipe Ability
You can wipe your devices remotely with OnPage Enterprise Control System.