OnPage ConnectWise Manage Integration 3.0

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OnPage and ConnectWise has come a long way from when we first announced our integration 3 years ago. Today the integration supports the day to day workings of over 3000 MSPs with more and more being added to the number. Here at OnPage we love our MSP customers because they are an active bunch who work with us to create better solutions. Many of their suggestions have been incorporated in to our latest release of the OnPage + ConnectWise Manage integration. OnPage+ConnectWise 3.0 !!!


OnPage ConnectWise Manage integration 3.0 Feature NO.1: AUTOMATE ALERTS FROM EMAIL INITIATED TICKETS

Customer emails sent to an MSPs’ ConnectWise Manage email automatically gets converted to a ticket. Depending on the pre-set conditions, the ticket triggers an alert via OnPage notifying the responder assigned according to the scheduler. With this workflow, no manual work is needed to instantly take an incident from occurrence to alerting when a customer emails a request.

OnPage ConnectWise Manage integration 3.0 Feature NO.2: AUTOMATE ALERTS FROM DESCRIPTION FIELD

When a ticket is written in ConnectWise Manage, the most important information about the incident is written within the description field. OnPage now includes that information within the OnPage alert sent to the responder, in the body of the message.

OnPage triggers can be set up depending on a word or string of information in the description field. If a string or word matches the conditions that are set, an OnPage alert will be triggered and sent to the assigned responder.

OnPage ConnectWise Manage integration 3.0 Feature NO.3: REAL-TIME TICKET STATUS UPDATES

OnPage can now streamline the incident resolution lifecycle and provide ConnectWise Manage ticket updates from within the OnPage application on a mobile phone. With the enhanced integration, OnPage eliminates the need for multiple processes and allows MSP incident responders to update the status of a ticket with the simple click of a button on their OnPage application from the mobile device. Responders can also effectively manage their SLAs and create ticket updates in real-time, which increases the accuracy of post-incident reporting.
With the improved integration, MSP Incident responders not only ensure full visibility into the incident when they write back to the ConnectWise Manage ticket from their OnPage application but also receive multiple options for managing their SLAs from their mobile device:

  • “In Progress” – Allows incident responders to acknowledge the incident and indicate that they are working to resolve the incident.
  • “Closed” – This important feature signals that the incident has been resolved and that the responder can move on to the next ticket.

All updates to the ConnectWise Manage ticket are done in real time. A thread of all replies from the OnPage application to the ConnectWise platform are saved within the ticket to make the process of post-incident reporting and incident management more effective.

Benefits of this feature:

  • Receive full visibility into the incident and have multiple options at their fingertips.
  • Take action as soon as they receive a ConnectWise Manage ticket through OnPage.
  • Assign tickets, mark tickets as “In Progress” and close a ticket within the OnPage application.

OnPage ConnectWise Manage integration 3.0 Feature NO.4: UPDATE TICKETS WITH REPLIES

Our MSP clients have often written to us suggesting ways in which they can incorporate notes and event status updates to the Connect Wise tickets. Often MSPs would need to communicate with the person in charge of updating the ticket to make changes to the ticket. This was a convoluted workflow that wasted time. OnPage has now streamlined the process and allows MSPs to update the original ticket from within the OnPage app with notes and event status updates. Updates are immediate and a thread of all replies from the OnPage application to the tickets are saved within the ticket to make the process of post-incident reporting and incident management more effective.

In this way, if a stakeholder needs to be notified of what is going on with the incident the entire incident thread can be sent to them as it captures full event details from the time the ticket was created to the latest updated put in by the responder handling the incident.

OnPage ConnectWise Manage integration 3.0 Feature NO.5: AUTOMATE ALERTS FROM VOICEMAIL INITIATED TICKETS

ConnectWise Manage has a feature that allows tickets to be initiated through voicemail. A client with a problem would call up and mention the MSP’s company name. This name is recorded in the subject field in the ticket and the voice mail is transcribed into the ticket. This effectively transforms a humble voice mail into a ConnectWise Manage ticket. OnPage further enhances this feature by making the ticket actionable and adding an element of priority alerting to it.

Tickets generated through voicemail have traditionally been placed on a higher priority by MSPs. The business model there states that any client who needs urgent help uses voicemail to get to the MSP, especially after-hours. These clients were usually billed higher as they required services after hours. Although this was the case the tickets created were cataloged like any other ticket. There was no way of differentiating them unless someone set a rule that had these tickets being mailed out but even that was not a successful workflow.
Now, OnPage allows MSPs on-call to immediately take action by sending these tickets as high priority alerts to the responder’s OnPage app.

Benefits of the feature:

  • Using the Voicemail-to-Ticket feature in ConnectWise, the voicemail is transcribed and included in the ticket.
  • This is sent to OnPage users as a smart alert with the transcribed message in the message body.
  • Avoid human errors in transcribing issues
  • Faster incident notification through automation


ConnectWise Mange’s platform allows error-proof ticketing and powerful documentation. ConnectWise Manage gives MSPs the power to capture and track every step in the incident resolution process, maximize visibility, and establish workflows to deliver exceptional customer service.

By adding OnPage, you can turn ConnectWise into a complete incident management solution that lets you convert ConnectWise tickets into smart alerts for fast responses. To learn more about the integration contact us or request a demo.

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